Resources to escape state of destitution

When an individual or family lacks adequate resources to escape a state of destitution, their circumstances are described as: (1) involuntary poverty. (2) relative poverty. (3) a vicious cycle of poverty (4) institutional poverty. (5) a culture of poverty.

Please choose the right answer from above...I want your suggestion for the same.

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    Who decides price beneath perfect competition?

    Answer: Price under perfect competition is recognized by the forces of market demand and supply in business.

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    Production possibilities frontiers be inclined to concave (or bowed out) from the origin as: (1) goods differ in their capacities to gratify individual needs. (2) A land, labor and capital mix is needed for all the production. (3) People vary in their

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     Can someone please help me in finding out the precise answer from the following question. Owners generally can’t lose more than their financial investments when a firm is a: (i) Proprietorship. (ii) Family business. (iii) Partnership. (iv) Corporation.

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    For normal luxuries and goods, decreases in income tend to cause the: (i) Market prices to increase. (ii) Raises in quantities demanded. (iii) A reduction in demand for goods. (iv) Demand curves to shift to right.

    What is the right

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    In equilibrium for the price maker firm, the rate of monopolistic exploitation is the difference between: (p) P and MR. (q) P and MC. (iii) Total revenue and net cost per unit of output. (r) Output price and rate of monopsonistic exploitation. (s) VMP and MRP.

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    The objective of a cartel is to: (w) permit every member firm to maximize profit. (x) foster competition among sellers. (y) enhance efficiency and lower prices to consumers by eliminating several wasteful forms of competition. (z) maximize the joint p

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