what is placenta ? write its function?

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  • Q : EGO Force of Freudian Theory -

    The ego comes into being because or the limitations of the id in dealing with the real world. Through learning and experience, the ego develops the individual's capabilities of realistic thinking and ability to deal appropriately with his environment. It operates on what is called the reality pri

  • Q : Formulate an integer programming model

    Lego Toys is planning to produce new toys at its factories.  The setup cost of the production facilities, production costs and profits for each toy are given below:


    Toy  &n

  • Q : Function or Role of Objective Function

    Function or Role of Objective

    The major functions and contributions of objectives are as follows:

    1 def

  • Q : Define Database Server Database Server

    Database Server: This is the term employed to refer to the back-end system of a database application employing client-server architecture. The back-end, sometimes termed as database server, performs tasks like storage, data analysis, data manipulation

  • Q : Order of placental

    Write down main orders of placental mammals? And also write down some representative species and distinctive aspects of each of those orders?

  • Q : Concentration gradient of the moved

    How the intensity of simple diffusion is differ in relation to the concentration gradient of the moved substance?

  • Q : Difference between complete and

    What is the basic difference between a complete and an incomplete digestive system? How are such kinds of digestive tubes related or not to extracellular digestion?

  • Q : Vroom Model - Motivation -

    This model can be graphically depicted as follows:

    The management must recognize and determine the situation as it exists and take steps to improve upon these three factors of expectancy, instrumentality and valence for the purpose of behavioral so that these elements achieve the highest

  • Q : Ethical business decision What are the

    What are the three steps in determining whether a business decision is ethical or not ?

  • Q : Define Disruptive innovation Disruptive

    Disruptive innovation is most important theory of innovation and this theory talks about the customer’s performance acceptance level. This innovation is designed for previous consumers to provide them value and new innovative solutions.

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