Relatively inelasticity in supply curve

At point c, in illustrated figure the supply curve into this graph is: (w) perfectly price elastic. (x) relatively price elastic. (y) unitarily price elastic. (z) relatively inelastic.

1300_Price Elasticity of Supply3.png

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    Only the purely competitive firm which is as well a price taker in the labor market maximizes the profit by employing labor where: (1) Quantity of the labor employed is maximized. (2) Average wage rate equivalents labor's marginal revenue product. (3) Average wage rat

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    A) A few firms
    B) High degree of interdependence.
    C) Non-price competition.
    D) Entry barriers.
    E) Formation of cartels

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    When a monopolist increases output along with elastic demand, then total revenue: (w) increases at a constant rate. (x) increases at an increasing rate. (y) increases at a diminishing rate. (z) All of the above are possible.

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