Relatively inelasticity in supply curve

At point c, in illustrated figure the supply curve into this graph is: (w) perfectly price elastic. (x) relatively price elastic. (y) unitarily price elastic. (z) relatively inelastic.

1300_Price Elasticity of Supply3.png

I need a good answer on the topic of Economics problems. Please give me your suggestion for the same by using above options.

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  • Q : Flatter demand curves for goods Demand

    Demand curves tend to be flatter for goods such that: (w) are necessities than for luxury goods. (x) absorb smaller shares of family income. (y) have more close substitutes obtainable. (z) have more close complements within consumption.

  • Q : Maximize profits by oligopoly An

    An oligopoly will maximize profits when this produces where: (w) MR > MC. (x) MR = MC. (y) TR = TC. (z) MR > P.

    Can anybody suggest me the proper explanation for given problem regarding Economics

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    In this demonstrated figure purely competitive lumber mill’s generic 2×4s now sell for: (1) $3.60 each. (2) $3.00 each. (3) $2.70 each. (4) $2.40 each. (5) $2.10 each.

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    When resource supply curves facing an industry are positively sloped, in that case the exit of firms which have incurred losses will result in: (w) higher prices and lower output for the industry, although lower average production costs for the surviv

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    Identify and explain the main economic factors that determine the price of a good or service. Please include how demand and supply interact and elasticity, etc. Also give examples with graphs.

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    This given figure as in below demonstrates how the consumption of goods A, B, C and D differs as a family’s income changes. There income elasticity of demand equivalents 1 for: (w) good A. (x) good B  (y) good C. (z) good D

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    The break-even level of income for four member of family under the negative income tax system demonstrated in this figure is: (1) $15,000 per year. (2) $30,000 per year. (3) $45,000 per year. (4) $60,000 per year. (5) $75,000 per year

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    I have a problem in economics on Short run for production. Please help me in the following question. In short run for production: (1) Both variable and fixed costs exist. (2) Productive capacity might be adjusted. (3) Unprofitable firms shut down. (4) No fresh workers

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    Numerous big publishing companies refused to publish a horror novel since the author was nameless. The author ultimately found a small publishing house to publish his book. The book sold millions of copies and produced hundreds of thousands of dollars in total revenue

  • Q : Total variable costs of

    This profit-maximizing competitive firm’s total variable costs or TVC as in illustrated figure can be computed area as: (i) 0P3fq4. (ii) P2P1de. (iii) P3P2ef. (iv) 0P2eq4. (v) aced.

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