Relatively inelasticity in supply curve

At point c, in illustrated figure the supply curve into this graph is: (w) perfectly price elastic. (x) relatively price elastic. (y) unitarily price elastic. (z) relatively inelastic.

1300_Price Elasticity of Supply3.png

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    When cuts into the price of cowboy hats drive down total revenues to hat makers, in that case demand: (1) relatively price elastic. (2) relatively price inelastic. (3) unitarily price elastic. (4) infinitely price elastic. (5) zero pr

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    Answer: The number of firms in industry will tend to rise.

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    When a $5 price hike raises the number of tanks of dehydrated water supplied in this market from point e to point f, the elasticity of supply: (i) 2.333. (ii) 2.000. (iii) 1.667. (iv) 1.333. (v) 0.600.

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