Relative Income Measurement by Department of Census

The Department of the Census explains low relative income as experienced while families: (w) lack sufficient income to buy the fundamental food clothing and shelter required for survival. (x) would like to improve their personal welfare lack the resources to do so. (y) are at the bottom, socioeconomically, as well as lack opportunities for upward mobility. (z) have income less than half the median incomes of other American families.

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  • Q : Minimum wage law for poor workers A

    A minimum wage law does NOT make pressures which tend to: (1) benefit high wage workers. (2) cause unemployment among unskilled workers. (3) uniformly help poor workers. (4) increase teenage unemployment. (5) foster discrimination.

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    Inside the United States, public utilities like natural gas lines or electric companies are frequently: (w) quite competitive while they vie for the consumer's dollars. (x) natural monopolies which are closely regulated by government. (y) seldom closely regulated thro

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    When the market price is lower to cover average total costs, in that case a profit-maximizing firm will: (i) shut down instantly. (ii) continue to operate where P = MC when P > AVC. (iii) adopt newer technology. (i

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    Jane consumes only apples and chocolate.  She is always willing to trade 1piece of chocolate for exactly 3 apples. Her income is $200.  She can buy apples for $1 each and chocolate for $2 per piece.

    a. To Jane, apples and chocolate are (circle 1):

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    Can GNP be more than GDP?

    Answer: Yes, GNP can be greater or more than GDP if NFIA is positive.

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    A purely competitive industry produces a positively-sloped long-run industry supply curve when the industry: (i) includes only firms which experience diseconomies of scale. (ii) is an increasing cost industry. (iii) experiences technological advances

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    Into a purely competitive market economy, people along with rare and valuable talents would earn high incomes due to: (w) monopsonistic exploitation. (x) interest maximization. (y) economic rent. (z) transfer payments.

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    A member of a cartel would be probably to increase its profits by: (1) undercutting the prices of other cartel members when this did not get caught. (2) setting its price above which of other cartel members. (3) aggressive nonprice marketing promotion

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