reduced form equations

Which of the following econometric models are linear in parameters or variables (state if they are linear in both)? Explain briefly what kind of data transformation would be needed to estimate the parameters of these models. i) Yi = ?1 + ? 2 Xi 2+ ?3 Xi 3 + ui ii) Yi= ß1 + ß2 ln X + ui iii) Yi = ß1 + ß2X ß3 + ui iv) ln Yi = ln ? 1 + ?2 ln Xi + ui v) ln Yi = ?1 - ?2 (1/Xi) + ui

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    Rocky Mountain encompass one group of workers shape metal tubing whereas other groups weld frames, others bring together, paint flames on gas tanks, and  test ride new cycles at Rocky’s Custom Choppers. Rocky’s firm relies on the division of: (1) Task