Reason of existence of firms

Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The primary reasons for the existence of firms would not comprise: (1) Collecting sales taxes for government. (2) Entrepreneurial drives for the potential gains. (3) Cutting transactions costs of the consumers. (4) Coordination of the team production.

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  • Q : Requirement of production costs

    Decreasing average production costs needs raising the size of a firm when the raised production encounters economies of: (i) Growth. (ii) Coordination. (iii) Growth. (iv) Scale. (v) Scope.

    Find out the right answer from the above o

  • Q : Explanation of Substitution Effect The

    The substitution effect helps most in describing why: (1) Demand curves slope down. (2) Goods are either complements or substitutes. (3) Air travel costs less than by walking the cross country. (4) Uncertainty regarding quality justifies govt. control

  • Q : Constant price in economic rent

    Economic rent is: (1) determined by the supply side. (2) independent of the strength of demand. (3) received whenever owners receive a constant price for a resource that supply curve is upward sloping. (4) included in society's opportunity costs of pr

  • Q : Market price below equilibrium price

    When the market price is beneath the equilibrium price then: (i) The market will clear. (ii) An excess exists. (iii) Consumers will not invest. (iv) The shortage exists. (v) Each and every consumer will be satisfied.

    Find out the r

  • Q : Sunk cost Give the answer of following

    Give the answer of following question. Which of the following sayings associate most closely to the idea of sunk costs? 1) Don't cry over spilt milk. 2) A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. 3) He who hesitates is lost. 4) Show me the money.

  • Q : Real interest rate in saving and

    When the real interest rate : (w) is low, there are greater incentives to borrow and fewer incentives to lend. (x) is low, there are greater incentives to lend and fewer incentives to borrow. (y) equals the nominal interest rate + the expected rate of

  • Q : Maximum profit by equilibrium When a

    When a monopolist reaches equilibrium: (1) its profits are at a maximum. (2) price equals marginal cost. (3) average cost is at its minimum. (4) marginal cost is at a minimum.

    Can someone explain/help me with best solution about pr

  • Q : Raise Interest Rates with Investment

    Interest rates will rise when: (1) the supply of loanable funds grows. (2) the average maturities of corporate bonds issued decreases. (3) most households decide to decrease the liquidity of their portfolios of assets. (4) households increasingly defe

  • Q : Statement of Craft unions I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Definition of Craft unions. Please help me in the following question. The Craft unions systematize all the workers: (i) In a specific firm or industry, in spite of skill or craft. (ii) In a specific craft, even when th

  • Q : Economies of Scale Economies of Scale:

    Economies of Scale:

    ‘Economies’ means benefits. The scale refers to the size of unit. ‘Economies of Scale’ refers to the cost benefits due to

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