realtionship between MC and AVC

what happens to AVC if MC>AVC

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  • Q : External costs and external benefits


    (a)         Explain the impact of external costs and external benefits on resource allocation;


  • Q : Absolute values in price elasticity The

    The form of elasticity which economists commonly state like an absolute value since this is classically negative is the: (1) price elasticity of supply. (2) income elasticity of demand. (3) price-cross elasticity of supply. (4) price-

  • Q : Market interest rates for different

    Market interest rates for different financial assets are positively associated to the: (w) expected rate of inflation. (x) liquidity of the assets. (y) efficiency of financial intermediation. (z) preferences of people about consuming in the future ins

  • Q : Potential advantage offer by Oligopolies

    Oligopolies offer a potential advantage to society since them: (w) may be capable to amass the huge resources required for modern research and growth. (x) tend to be more socially responsible than small firms. (y) typically maximize long run quite tha

  • Q : Normative Standards for Distribution

    Relative to a requirements standard for distributing income, in that case the adoption of an equality standard would most likely tend to be: (w) unarguably fairer. (x) less bureaucratic. (y) more harmful to work incentives. (z) clearly less fair.

  • Q : Foreign Exchange Market Whatt happens

    Whatt happens in the foreign exchange market when there is a U.S. export transaction

  • Q : Demand of consumers-supply of seller

    Consumers’ demand prices and sellers’ supply prices may be different in equilibrium due to: (w) arbitrage. (x) expectations about availability. (y) the invisible hand. (z) government subsidies or tax wedges.

  • Q : Problem concerning Exploitation I have

    I have a problem in economics on Problem concerning Exploitation. Please help me in the given question. Whenever resource suppliers are salaried less than the values of their marginal products [or VMPs], then they are stated to be: (i) Monopsonistic.

  • Q : Problem regarding goals of Labor Union

    I have a problem in economics on goals of Labor Union. Please help me in the following question. Trade unions are reasonably supposed to try to maximize merely: (1) Wage rate. (2) Level of employment. (3) Total wage costs paid by the employers. (4) No

  • Q : Influence output price by market power

    Every firm which can considerably influence the price of its output: (i) is a pure monopoly. (ii) will be more profitable than any firm in pure competition. (iii) has market power: (iv) is essentially large relative to the market demand curve facing the firm. (v) has