realtionship between MC and AVC

what happens to AVC if MC>AVC

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  • Q : Law of demand Describe the law of

    Describe the law of demand with help of a schedule diagram?

    Answer: The Law of demand states that there is an inverse relationship among the price of a commodity an

  • Q : Occurrence of socially optimal

    The socially optimal production of penicillin arises while quantity: (a) Q1 is produced and sold at price P1. (b) Q1 is produced and sold at price P3. (c) Q2 is produced and sold at price P2<

  • Q : Shift responsibility for all flawed

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The directors of garage sales may attempt to shift the responsibility for all the flawed purchases to buyers by posting signs which state: (i) No trespassing. (ii) Carpe diem. (

  • Q : Shifting of Complementary Goods towards

    The War in Iraq contributed to sharp rises in the world price of oil. This is most probable to encompass caused the demand for car washes in United States to: (1) Shift towards right. (2) Increase vertically. (3) Stabilize. (4) Shift towards left. (5) Much more inform

  • Q : Find elastic demand when price and

    When the price of Kellogg's Corn Flakes goes up from $1.89 to $2.05 as well as quantity demanded changes from 250 to 210, in that case the demand for Kellogg's Corn Flakes: (w) unitary elastic. (x) relatively inelastic. (y) relatively

  • Q : Economic profits by potential customers

    When you lease a building for five years and rapidly achieve economic profits since it is located conveniently for potential customers: (1) you could capitalize some of these pure profits when you sold your business along with a sublease at the ending

  • Q : How consumption influence the

    How does rise in price of a substitute good in consumption influence the equilibrium price?

  • Q : Question on production possibilities

    Refer to the given diagram. Which of the following positions relative to PP1 would be the most likely to result in a future production possibilities curve of PP3, rather than PP2 ?  1) A. 2) B. 3) C.  4) D.

    Q : Law of Supply in quantity supplied The

    The law of supply defines that higher prices cause rise in the: (i) Demand for good. (ii) Supply of the good. (iii) Quantity supplied. (iv) Gains of investors.

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the

  • Q : Formula for economic profit Can someone

    Can someone please help me in finding out the precise answer from the following question. The firm’s total revenue minus its net economic costs equivalents its: (1) Economic profit. (2) Taxable income. (3) Marginal income. (4) Accounting profit. (5) Psychic inco