realtionship between MC and AVC

what happens to AVC if MC>AVC

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  • Q : Marginal revenue for the pure monopolist

    Give the answer of following question. Price exceeds marginal revenue for the pure monopolist because the: A) law of diminishing returns is inapplicable. B) demand curve is downsloping. C) monopolist produces a smaller output than would a purely competitive firm. D) d

  • Q : Possible elasticity of brain power of TV

    When doubling your viewing of soap operas to sixteen hours per week causes your IQ score to reduce from a genius level of 140 to a sluggish 70, your TV elasticity of brain power is possibly: (i) -1.0. (ii) +1.0. (iii) -2.0. (iv) 2.0. (v) -0.5.

    Q : Market Form-price taker In which market

    In which market form, the firm is a price taker?

    Answer: In Perfect competition

  • Q : Unit of Account function of money Unit

    Unit of Account function of money: The Unit of Account function of money is also termed as the measure of value function. Money as a unit of account signifies a standard unit for quoting the prices. This makes money a powerful medium of comparing the

  • Q : Equilibrium quantity and price

    Elucidate the consequence of an increase in demand of a commodity on its equilibrium quantity and price?

    Answer: Increase in demand causes a rightward shift in the

  • Q : Average Variable Cost-Average Total

    Describe the relationship among Average Variable Cost (AVC) Average, Total Cost (ATC) and marginal Cost (MC)?


    A) If MC

  • Q : Supply curve The short-run industry

    The short-run industry supply curve is found by what?

  • Q : Major disadvantage of operating a

    One of the main disadvantages of operating a corporation in relative to operating a sole partnership or proprietorship is that corporations tend to: (i) Offer just limited legal liability to their stockholders. (ii) Utilize specialized management pers

  • Q : Price elasticity of demand-price falls

    The quantity dinner salads demanded is 100 everyday while Café Les Gourmands charges a price of $1.80, although when price drops by $1, quantity demanded is one hundred fifty. The price elasticity of demand for dinner salads at such restaurant

  • Q : Impact of economy according to price

    If price ceiling or price floor were removed what is the impact on the economy?

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