realtionship between MC and AVC

what happens to AVC if MC>AVC

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  • Q : Average cost minimization at level of

    HoloIMAGine has patented a holographic technology which makes 3-D photography obtainable to consumers. There level of sales and production at that HoloIMAGine would minimize its average cost [ATC] of production corresponds to as: (1)

  • Q : Contribution Standard for Income

    Staunch defenders of the contribution standard for income distribution would not argue that: (w) people must receive income at least commensurate along with survival needs. (x) equity requires people to be rewarded as per their marginal productivity.

  • Q : Critics of contribution standard of

    Critics of contribution standard of the income distribution often: (w) cite inequality as evidence of inequity. (x) assert which private individuals must not be capable to accumulate any assets. (y) believe charitable giving should be

  • Q : Outsourcing affect the economy Explain

    Explain how does outsourcing affect the economy?

  • Q : Measurement of arc price elasticity

    Measures of arc price elasticity tend to be more accurate and precise than measures of point price elasticity since: (w) arc elasticity is more sensitive to the dependent variable. (x) point elasticity is additionally sensitive to the independent vari

  • Q : Consumption expenditure In an economy

    In an economy 75% of increase in income is spent on the consumption. Investment raised by Rs. 1000 Crore. Compute:

    (A) Total increase in income
    (B) Total increase in consumption expenditure

  • Q : Main deficiencies of current welfare

    Not among main deficiencies of the current welfare system is which it sometimes: (w) gives low benefits to the poor relative to total budgetary outlays. (x) collects taxes from the poor to provide benefits to the rich. (y) yields effective marginal ta

  • Q : Analytic Time-The Market Period I have

    I have a problem in economics on Analytic Time-The Market Period and Products Flow Model. Please help me in the following question. According to the Alfred Marshall, the period of time so short that output is fixed is: (1) Chronological run. (2) Marke

  • Q : Normal accounting profit The only

    The only profit earned within the long run through a purely competitive firm is of: (w) normal accounting profit. (x) offset by short term losses. (y) created by exceptionally astute managers. (z) unrelated to its opportunity costs.

    Q : Enter or exit the market in

    A mix of heterogeneous goods and many potential buyers and sellers which are free to enter or exit the market within the long run are among essential conditions for an industry to be: (1) a monopoly. (2) purely competitive. (3) an oli

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