Purely competitive market at equilibrium point

For a purely competitive market at any equilibrium point on the short-run supply curve: (w) all firms have identical marginal costs. (x) economic profit is positive. (y) accounting profit is normal. (z) marginal revenue = average cost.

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  • Q : Social welfare function what do you

    what do you mean by a social welfare function? if you assume that such a function exists, what properties of social optima would be considered by you? discuss such properties.

  • Q : What will happen when a supply of curve

    When a supply curve is positively sloped, a raise in demand will increase the equilibrium price as well as: (w) raise the quantity supplied. (x) raise supply. (y) decrease the quantity supplied. (z) decrease supply.

  • Q : Law of Supply in quantity supplied The

    The law of supply defines that higher prices cause rise in the: (i) Demand for good. (ii) Supply of the good. (iii) Quantity supplied. (iv) Gains of investors.

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  • Q : Determinants of the amounts of a good

    Economics students are most probable to recall conceptually the different determinants of the amounts of a good which people will purchase when they contemplate how: (1) much they will expend and how much they will save out of their first few paycheck

  • Q : Infinity elasticity of demand within

    When price changes for fresh peaches don’t modify total revenue to peach farmers, then the price elasticity of demand for peaches: (w) constant beside a linear demand curve. (x) infinity (the demand curve is horizontal). (y) uni

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    This given figure as in below demonstrates how consumption of goods A, B, C and D varies like a family’s income changes. Since income rises, the income elasticity of demand is positive and increasing for: (w) good A. (x) good B  (y) good C.

  • Q : Intermediaries earn income to help

    In the long run within a market system, all intermediaries earn income only when they help sellers and buyers: (w) raise surpluses. (x) by innovating new products. (y) reduce transaction costs. (z) ga

  • Q : Calculations of price elasticity of

    At a price of $50, the demand for DVD games is roughly: (w) perfectly elastic. (x) perfectly inelastic. (y) unitarily elastic. (z) relatively inelastic.

    Q : Buying something when expect a price to

    Buying since you expect a price to increase, at that point you will sell, which is termed as: (w) arbitration. (x) speculation. (y) profiteering. (z) arbitrage.

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    What is the reason that production possibilities curve concave? Elucidate.