Purely competitive market at equilibrium point

For a purely competitive market at any equilibrium point on the short-run supply curve: (w) all firms have identical marginal costs. (x) economic profit is positive. (y) accounting profit is normal. (z) marginal revenue = average cost.

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  • Q : Price elasticity of demand as

    As the Shmoo Recording Studio raised CD production from 3 million units to 5 million units, this was forced to discount CD prices down by $18 to $15. Then price elasticity of demand for Shmoo CDs is as: (w) 0.022. (x) 0.36. (y) 1.0. (z) 2.75.

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    At prevailing prices, there the price elasticity of demand for that good would be lowest: (w) Coca Cola. (x) Generic soda. (y) Water. (z) Dasani bottled water.

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    The law of demand declares that the negative relationship exists among: (1) The purchases of poorer goods and the level of national income. (2) Unlimited demands and restricted resources. (3) A good’s price and the quantity of good people will b

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    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. Firms which colluded by circulating the names of the union organizers and hence they would have difficulty getting jobs were engaged in a now-illegal practice termed as: (1) Fea

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    Why is the ATC bigger than AVC?

    Answer: ATC is bigger than AVC since ATC comprises AVC and AFC

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    Invisible items: All kinds of services that are rendered to or obtained from abroad are termed as invisible items. Such are invisible as these are not made up of any matter or material. The record of such items is not obtainable with the ports. Illust

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  • Q : Define Direct taxes Direct taxes :

    Direct taxes: Whenever the liability to pay tax and the burden of that tax fall on similar person, it is termed as direct tax. Illustrations are: wealth tax, income tax, corporation tax, gift tax and so on.

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    The price elasticity of supply can be very approximately computed as the percentage change within: (w) responsiveness of price to variations within the quantity supplied. (x) quantity divided through the intercept coefficient of the supply curve. (y)

  • Q : Present Value of Capitalization The

    The present value of $1000 two years by now is: (w) $1000. (x) greater than $1000. (y) less than the present value of $1000 one year by currently. (z) $1,210.

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