Purchases of recently issued bonds and stocks

Define one reason that the purchases of recently issued bonds and stocks: (1) just only increase the value of federal funds. (2) Are not economic investments since they are just alternative forms of people’s financial saving? (3) Reduce the profitability of economic capital. (4) Appreciate and rise in the amounts of goods people can buy.(5) Are types of new economic capital?

Please help me to solve the problem of scarcity which is given above.

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    A positive economic statement is one which: (w) involves scientifically testable predictions. (x) is based upon value judgments. (y) explains the world idealistically. (z) applies primarily to microeconomic data.


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    Production based upon economically efficient mixtures of resources: (w) Maximizes production costs for a specified output. (x) Minimizes output from a specified cost. (y) Maximizes output or/and minimizes costs. (z) is unlikely since resources are unl

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    The Economic systems are categorized mainly according to: (1) Who makes decisions and who owns the resources. (2) Which political parties are in the power. (3) The extent of economic growth. (4) How efficiently resources are employed.

    Q : What would be contained in fundamental

    Fundamental economic questions consist of: (w) what, for whom and how. (x) where, how and when. (y) when, how and what. (z) how many, how much and what color,.

    Hey friends please give your opinion for the problem o

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    I need a good answer upon the topic of opportunity cost problems.

    What is the opportunity cost of buying a new car: (i) last dollar price one pays for this. (ii) Value of the old car traded within. (iii) Sticker pr

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    Value judgments which address what “must be” are at the root of: (1) microeconomics. (2) scarcity economics. (3) normative economics. (4) positive economics. (5) macroeconomics.

    How can

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    I have a problem in economics on Resources and Products Flow Model. Please help me in the following question. “Fee-simple” private property rights permit you to: (1) Shoot trespassers who are on your land with no permission. (2) Refuse to

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    Economic theories are: (w) true with definition. (x) generally excellent in theory but wrong during practice. (y) made up of generalizations regarding economic behavior. (z) normative, whereas economic policy is more positive.

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    Please help me to solve the problem of Normative Economic Goals that is given below:

    Almost everybody in the world would favor a normative economic aim that people all over must have: (i) high standards of living.

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    Assume that half of our world’s people, arbitrarily selected, were vaporized by space aliens or teleported to the parallel universe, however no other feature of life on our Earth was influenced. Avoiding any disruptions to families or psychological trauma this c

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