Proprietorships-partnerships and corporations

The division of U.S. businesses into the categories of proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations is based on: A) generally accepted accounting principles. B) legal considerations. C) the judg-ment of the American Economic Association. D) an executive order of the President.

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  • Q : Define normal goods Normal goods:

    Normal goods: Normal goods are such goods whose demand increases with the increase in income of consumer.

  • Q : Inadequate competition or lack of

    A firm’s capability to alter the price of its output due to inadequate competition or a lack of perfect substitutes for its products is an illustration of: (i) adverse selection. (ii) simple game theory. (iii) X-inefficiency. (iv) strategic behavior. (v) market

  • Q : Area below supply curve of resource The

    The area below a resource’s price line although above its supply curve is: (w) consumer surplus. (x) monopoly profit. (y) excess value. (z) economic rent.

    Can anybody suggest me the proper explanation for giv

  • Q : Government banks function Government

    Government banks function: The central bank conducts the banking account of the government departments. This performs similar banking functions for the government as commercial bank executes for its customers. This accepts their deposits and undertake

  • Q : Define saving function Saving function

    Saving function: The relationship among saving and income is termed as saving function.

  • Q : Exploitation of Labor-average revenue

    The Exploitation might not exist even when the wage a worker is paid is less than worker’s: (1) Average revenue product. (2) Marginal revenue product. (3) Marginal factor cost. (4) The value of marginal product.

    Can someone p

  • Q : Discrimination In the above diagram,

    In the above diagram, the elimination of discrimination is best represented by:

  • Q : Implicitly weigh marginal cost and

    implicitly weigh marginal cost and marginal benefit

  • Q : Problem on Multiple regression analysis

    Find two journal articles that have undertaken multiple regression analysis and compare the results. Specify the reference for the two papers.


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