Proprietorships-partnerships and corporations

The division of U.S. businesses into the categories of proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations is based on: A) generally accepted accounting principles. B) legal considerations. C) the judg-ment of the American Economic Association. D) an executive order of the President.

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  • Q : Total fixed cost in competitive firm

    This competitive firm's fixed cost or TFC in demonstrated can be computed as area as: (i) 0P3fq4. (ii) P2P1de. (iii) P3P2ef. (iv) 0P2eq4. (v) aced.

    Q : Define Real Rate of Interest Define

    Define Real Rate of Interest in Economics?

  • Q : Define Yield to Maturity Describe what

    Describe what do you mean by the term Yield to Maturity?

  • Q : Variation in price elasticity as price

    The only supply curve which has price elasticity which varies as the price of output increases is within: (w) Panel A. (x) Panel B. (y) Panel C. (z) Panel D.

    Q : Possible elasticity of brain power of TV

    When doubling your viewing of soap operas to sixteen hours per week causes your IQ score to reduce from a genius level of 140 to a sluggish 70, your TV elasticity of brain power is possibly: (i) -1.0. (ii) +1.0. (iii) -2.0. (iv) 2.0. (v) -0.5.

    Q : Wage Discrimination-supply labor curve

    The employer with monopsony power which as well had the capability to wage discriminate perfectly would confront the marginal factor cost of the labor curve: (i) Similar to the supply of labor curve it faces. (ii) Lower than the supply of labor curve it faces. (iii) H

  • Q : Accounting profits when economic profit

    Whenever economic profit equivalents zero, then the accounting profits: (i) Are explicit costs of the remaining in business. (ii) Will induce raised investment even when accounting costs are much low. (iii) Are too zero. (iv) Reflect normal returns on the investment t

  • Q : Federal minimum wage rose over

    The LEAST likely outcome, when the federal minimum wage is increased $1 over the equilibrium wage rate, that would be for the: (w) unemployment rate of teenagers and unskilled workers to rise. (x) quantity of unskilled workers supplie

  • Q : Demand when price of good or resource

    When the price of a good or resource drops, the demands for: (i) That good or resource raise. (ii) Complementary goods or resources reduce. (iii) Substitute goods or resources reduce. (iv) Luxury goods and inferior resources drop.

  • Q : Effects of price controls for a price

    The consequences of price controls would be least discernible for a price ceiling set: (1) above the price equilibrium. (2) below the price equilibrium. (3) in a region of diminishing returns. (4) unfavorable to market companies. (5)