Proprietorships-partnerships and corporations

The division of U.S. businesses into the categories of proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations is based on: A) generally accepted accounting principles. B) legal considerations. C) the judg-ment of the American Economic Association. D) an executive order of the President.

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  • Q : Influence output price by market power

    Every firm which can considerably influence the price of its output: (i) is a pure monopoly. (ii) will be more profitable than any firm in pure competition. (iii) has market power: (iv) is essentially large relative to the market demand curve facing the firm. (v) has

  • Q : Determine elasticity of demand for

    When the U.S. price elasticity of demand for gasoline is 1.0, the price elasticity of demand for gas sold through one of several gas stations along a busy highway: (w) less than 1.0. (x) 1.0. (y) greater than 1.0. (z) zero.

    Q : Contradiction of the law of diminishing

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. Which of the following below seems the contradiction of the law of diminishing marginal utility? (1) Ken enjoys his 13th beer of the evening more than his initial. (2) Joan recognizes that her

  • Q : Inefficiency of market equilibrium When

    When firms have market power although do not price discriminate perfectly, in that case the market equilibrium will be inefficient since: (w) P = AC = MC. (x) total revenue equals total costs [TR = TC]. (y) MSB = P > MC = MSC. (z)

  • Q : Problem of dockworkers on hiking the pay

    When you were in the ski boat business, your net revenues from selling given numbers of boats would be least influenced by: (i) Govt. increasing fees for boat licenses. (ii) Rises in prices for jet skis. (iii) Pay hikes for dock-workers. (iv) Vacation

  • Q : Define Real Rate of Interest Define

    Define Real Rate of Interest in Economics?

  • Q : Subsidies on a good for buyers and

    Government subsidies on a good because of: (w) less of the good to be produced and purchased. (x) prolonged excess demands for the good. (y) buyers to pay lower prices, when sellers receive higher prices. (z) prolonged shortages of the good.

  • Q : Leftward shift of PPC What does

    What does leftward shift of PPC point out?

    Answer: It points out underutilization of resources.

  • Q : Complete equilibrium by distribution of

    When the economy was in a complete equilibrium, in that case the distribution of income would be precisely proportional to the distribution of: (a) taxation. (b) inheritance. (c) luck. (d) wealth.

  • Q : Define regressive in taxes as

    Line T2 depicts as in below graph a tax system which is: (i) progressive. (ii) recessive. (iii) proportional. (iv) biased. (v) regressive.

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