Proprietorships-partnerships and corporations

The division of U.S. businesses into the categories of proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations is based on: A) generally accepted accounting principles. B) legal considerations. C) the judg-ment of the American Economic Association. D) an executive order of the President.

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  • Q : Cross elasticity coefficient complements

    When college enrollments drop 10 % while textbook prices double, in that case textbooks and enrollments are _____ goods as well as their cross elasticity coefficient is approximately _____. (1) superior; 5.0. (2) inferior;   10.0. (3) substi

  • Q : Rang of income elasticities of demand

    The income elasticities of demand (μ) for items which most people consider as luxuries would possibly be into the range: (1) – ∞ < μ < one. (2) – 1 < μ < zero. (3) μ = zero. (4) 0 < μ < 1. (5) 1 <

  • Q : Examples of Labor

    The contracts needing employment after some worker’s jobs have been made obsolete through automation are illustrations of: (i) Blacklisting. (ii) Labor-reducing protectionism. (iii) Check-off provisions. (iv) Yellow dog contracts. (v) Feather-bedding.

  • Q : Pure competitors in market structures

    Marginal revenue is not below the market price by the perspectives of simply: (i) monopolistic competitors. (ii) monopolists. (iii) cartel members. (iv) pure oligopolists. (v) pure competitors.


  • Q : Monopolistic competition In which

    In which market type, there is a requirement for selling or advertising costs?

    Answer: Beneath monopolistic competition, there is a requirement of selling costs sin

  • Q : Illegal predatory strategies Which of

    Which of the give predatory strategies is illegal: (w) Redesigning an existing product to make this incompatible along with a rival's product. (x) Introduction of a close substitute to a rival's product. (y) Pricing below cost into order to force riva

  • Q : Moral Hazard-Policies of promotion Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. The Moral hazards which produce shirking by employees can be partly remedied when firms adopt the policies of: (1) Efficiency salaries. (2) Hierarchical signaling. (3) Careful screening throug

  • Q : London Olympics-how will the economy be

    ‘Describe the influence of London Olympics on economy?’

  • Q : Meaning of tax Meaning of tax : Tax is

    Meaning of tax: Tax is a legally compulsory payment imposed on the people by the government. There are two kinds of taxes: Direct taxes and Indirect taxes.

  • Q : Needs a goal of maximizing by

    The long run survival of a purely-competitive firm needs a goal of maximizing: (i) managerial salaries. (ii) total costs. (iii) economic profits. (iv) total revenue. (v) fixed costs to minimize variable costs.