Proprietorships-partnerships and corporations

The division of U.S. businesses into the categories of proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations is based on: A) generally accepted accounting principles. B) legal considerations. C) the judg-ment of the American Economic Association. D) an executive order of the President.

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  • Q : Value of the Average Product Hulk is

    Hulk is the fitness counselor who coaches 5 clients at a time in the exercise groups at Beefcake Body Builders. His hourly salary is $17, and Beefcake charges Hulk’s clients $20 for each and every hour-long conditioning session. Average value of the product Hulk

  • Q : Monopolistic exploitation of workers

    When a firm hires workers to a point where VMP > MRP = MFC = W then: (1) There is a bilateral monopoly condition. (2) Wage discrimination is being exercised. (3) There is monopolistic exploitation of the workers. (4) The firm consists of monopsony power.

  • Q : Increasing elasticity of the demand for

    The elasticity of the demand for labor tends to rise as there are raises within the: (1) amount of capital utilized in a production process. (2) rate of automation in an industry. (3) difficulty in substituting between different resources. (4) share o

  • Q : Determine price and quantity when

    When the demand and supply for a good both raise, price: (w) and quantity both rise. (x) and quantity both fall. (y) falls but quantity increases. (z) changes need more information, when quantity rises.

    Q : Price taker in the context of a firm

    What is meant by the word price taker in the context of a firm?

    Answer: It means that firm does not contain any control over the price and it has to pursue that pri

  • Q : Price equality with marginal costs It

    It is not possible for a nondiscriminating, that profit maximizing monopolist to attain equilibrium where MR = MC as well as: (w) economic profit = 0. (x) economic profit is negative. (yz marginal costs are at the minimum of average costs [MC = ATC].

  • Q : Examples of Human Capital I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Examples of Human Capital. Please help me in the following question. On-the-job training, the college education and leadership skills are all illustrations of (1) Financial capital. (2) Human capital. (3) Economic capi

  • Q : Wage Rates and Marginal Resource Costs

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. When a firm is the price taker in labor market and the salary is $80 per day, then the marginal resource cost incurred if hiring 20 more workers per day is as: (i) $1600. (ii) $

  • Q : Emerging natural monopoly A monopoly

    A monopoly will come out naturally when: (w) the government relaxes antitrust laws. (x) economies of scale are large relative to market demand. (y) variable costs are huge relative to fixed costs. (z) variable costs rise as output expands.

  • Q : Best statement of association between

    Which of the given is the best statement of the association between macroeconomics and microeconomics: (w) Macroeconomics and microeconomics deal along with totally independent types of problems. (x) A clear line splits microeconomic questions from ma