Process of Screening

Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. The principal who observes the qualifications of a potential agent prior to offering the agent a contract is engaging in the procedure of: (1) Signaling. (2) Finding out an efficient wage. (3) Predatory behavior. (4) Discrimination. (5) Screening.

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  • Q : Opponents of Contribution Standard

    Opponents of contribution standard for income distribution, the: (w) prefer a more efficient mechanism to distribute income. (x) accept marginal productivity theory. (y) question how well the market system measures productivity. (z) generally favor de

  • Q : Kinked demand curve for an oligopoly A

    A kinked demand curve for an oligopoly is probably when: (1) all the rival firms face identical demand curves. (2) rival firms are expected to match price cuts, but not price hikes. (3) firms ignore their rivals’ strategies when

  • Q : Exploitation of Labor-average revenue

    The Exploitation might not exist even when the wage a worker is paid is less than worker’s: (1) Average revenue product. (2) Marginal revenue product. (3) Marginal factor cost. (4) The value of marginal product.

    Can someone p

  • Q : Consumer Equilibrium-Utility

    Assume that you are an avid golfer and profit $36 worth of pleasure from the first golf hole played on any specific day, however the additional pleasure you profit from playing succeeding holes falls by $2 per extra hole. The $40 greens fee is needed to begin golfing

  • Q : Comparing income and wealth As

    As comparing income and wealth: (w) differences in their distributions reflect economic discrimination precisely. (x) wealth is a flow variable, whereas income is a stock variable. (y) inheritance explains income differences more totally than wealth d

  • Q : Economies of Scale Economies of Scale:

    Economies of Scale:

    ‘Economies’ means benefits. The scale refers to the size of unit. ‘Economies of Scale’ refers to the cost benefits due to

  • Q : Occupational Licensing The capability

    The capability of otherwise skilled workers to engage in specific careers or enter some professions is most likely most inhibited by: (1) Occupational licensing. (2) Wage discrimination. (3) Segregation in school system. (4) Signaling and screening. (5) Union labor co

  • Q : Change in prices after short run demands

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The changes in gasoline prices do not change short-run demands for (1) Bigger versus smaller cars. (2) Gasoline. (3) Alternative forms of the transportation. (4) Batteries, Tire

  • Q : Statement of Law of Demand The law of

    The law of demand defines that when a good’s price increases, its quantity demanded will drop: (1) No matter what occurs to other variables. (2) When all as well is supposed constant. (3) Since its demand curve shrinks. (4) If substitutes become

  • Q : Find out price at maximizes profit

    LoCalLoCarbo that is the favorite corporation of fad dieters maximizes profit at a price: (1) P1. (2) P2. (3) P3. (4) P4. (5) P5.

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