Problem Set #2

Graduate Level Problem Set. First question is in relation to the article the Population Problem: Theory and Evidence by Partha Dasgupta.

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  • Q : International demand or supply affected

    Sixty Chinese manufacturers have started producing generic staplers. Since each factory is very small to noticeably influence the international demand or supply for staplers, every firm is: (1) a cartelized seller. (2) a price taker. (3) a primary goo

  • Q : Restrictive monetary policy Select the

    Select the right answer of the question. A restrictive monetary policy is designed to shift the: A) aggregate demand curve rightward. B) aggregate demand curve leftward. C) aggregate supply curve rightward. D) aggregate supply curve leftward

  • Q : Experiencing the Economies of Scope A

    A soft drink bottler which finds it cost efficient and gainful to deliver the chips and other snack foods all along with cola would be experiencing: (i) Economies of scope. (ii) Positive psychic income. (iii) Economies of scale. (iv) Economies of structure. (v) Diseco

  • Q : Interest rate falls by liquidity When

    When households shift by an emphasis on cash into their portfolios and more stocks and bonds since they have become more willing to hold less liquid assets, in that case the: (w) interest rate rises. (x) present value of future income falls. (y) inter

  • Q : Firms in industry change When the firms

    When the firms are earning abnormal gains, how will the number of firms in industry change?

    Answer: The number of firms in industry will tend to rise.

  • Q : Maximize profits with producing demand

    An imperfectly competitive firm can’t maximize its profits through producing where demand is: (w) elastic. (x) unitarily elastic. (y) inelastic. (z) downward sloping.

    Can someone explain/help me with best sol

  • Q : Industry-wide unionization Can someone

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. Industry-wide unionization would be most probable to significantly influence the rate of U.S. inflation in short run when it occurred in world-wide: (1) Market for the middle-ma

  • Q : Define poverty line by the income

    Explaining the poverty line by the income needed to maintain a specified standard of living is: (w) a positive poverty standard. (x) a relative poverty standard. (y) a normative poverty standard. (z) an absolute poverty standard.

    Q : Students Rail Fares-Bransons good deed

    ‘Are rail companies being sympathetic to students in providing cheaper fares with young person’s rail-cards?’

  • Q : Highly competitive market in long run I

    I have a problem in economics on highly competitive market in long run. Please help me in the following question. When markets are highly competitive, in long run then: (1) Economic profits will be positive. (2) Economic gains will be negative. (3) Economic profits wi

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