Problem Set #2

Graduate Level Problem Set. First question is in relation to the article the Population Problem: Theory and Evidence by Partha Dasgupta.

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  • Q : Value of the Average Product Hulk is

    Hulk is the fitness counselor who coaches 5 clients at a time in the exercise groups at Beefcake Body Builders. His hourly salary is $17, and Beefcake charges Hulk’s clients $20 for each and every hour-long conditioning session. Average value of the product Hulk

  • Q : Individual firm in purely competitive

    In a purely competitive industry, the individual firm: (i) can raise the quantity demanded by lowering the price of its product. (ii) experiences substantial economies of scale. (iii) faces a completely inelastic demand curve. (iv) cannot influence th

  • Q : Determine probable price taker Of the

    Of the given firms, the probably to be a price taker would be: (1) Microsoft. (2) Wal-Mart. (3) Toyota. (4) the Los Angeles Lakers. (5) the biggest wheat farm in Canada.

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  • Q : Ultimate lenders and borrowers

    Financial intermediation is a process wherein financial institutions: (w) incur substantial outflows of funds. (x) facilitate financial flows by eventual lenders to eventual borrowers. (y) face rigid reserve requirement ratios. (z) experience "runs" w

  • Q : Maximizes profit at total economic of

    When the wholesale price P = $8 per bushel of peaches, it purely competitive peach orchard maximizes profit via producing ___ bushel of peaches at a total economic of profit or loss of $___. (i) zero; loss; -$4,000. (

  • Q : Problem on Efficiency Wage I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Efficiency Wages problem. Please help me in the following question. The Efficiency wages: (i) do not maximize firm profit. (ii) Cause involuntary unemployment. (iii) Are paid due to adverse selection. (iv) Are never se

  • Q : Labor union and an unregulated public

    I have a problem in economics on Labor union and an unregulated public utility. Please help me in the following question. While comparing an influential labor union and an unregulated public utility firm like cable TV, both might: (1) Be considered as the monopolists.

  • Q : Entry and exit of purely competitive

    Pure competition is described by freedom of entry and exit by firms which are: (i) price discriminators and quality adjusters. (ii) price takers and quantity adjusters. (iii) owned and operated by entrepreneurs. (iv) arbitrators and p

  • Q : Earn income and transfer benefits When

    When a family can earn income and transfer profits of $11,500 by working full time at the minimum wage, and also $12,500 in transfer benefits without working, the family’s net gain through working is: (1) zero. (2) $12,500. (3)

  • Q : Maturity on a consol bond or perpetuity

    The yield to maturity on a consol bond or perpetuity which pays $200 annually and sells for $1000 is: (w) 5 percent. (x) 10 percent. (y) 20 percent. (z) 25 percent.

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