Problem Set #2

Graduate Level Problem Set. First question is in relation to the article the Population Problem: Theory and Evidence by Partha Dasgupta.

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  • Q : Statement of the law of demand All as

    All as well equivalent, consumers will buy more of a good per time period the lower its price. This is the statement of the law of: (i) Diminishing returns. (ii) Demand. (iii) Supply. (iv) Markets.

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  • Q : Sole proprietorships and partnerships

    The Sole proprietorships and partnerships account for the ________ percent of all U.S. firms and a _________ percent of sales by the U.S. firms: (1) Large; small. (2) Large; large. (3) Small; small. (4) Small; large.

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  • Q : Harmness of price discrimination Price

    Price discrimination generally harms: (w) all consumers and benefits firms along with market power. (x) all firms along with market power and benefits all consumers. (y) some consumers, when helping sellers and several other consumers. (z) all sellers

  • Q : Generate additional unit of output

    Assume that a firm has some market power but cannot price discriminate. The change in total revenue while the firm generates an additional unit of output is: (i) a downward-sloping curve below the demand curve. (ii) z

  • Q : Purely competition on the average This

    This purely competitive brickyard as in below graph on the average experiences an: (w) economic profit of about $135 per day. (x) economic loss of roughly $150 per day. (y) accounting profit of less than $100 per day. (z) accounting loss of more than

  • Q : Price ceilings and price floors Price

    Price ceilings and price floors: 1) cause surpluses and shortages respectively. 2) make the rationing function of free markets more efficient. 3) interfere with the rationing function of prices. 4) shift demand and supply curves and therefore have no effect on the rat

  • Q : Measurement of price cross-elasticity

    Price cross-elasticity of demand measures the virtual responsiveness of the quantity sold of a specified good to a change in the: (w) price of which good. (x) individual's income. (y) sales of another good. (z) price of another good.

    Q : Problems on Craft Unions The Craft

    The Craft unions generally keep the wages of their members over the competitive level by: (1) Limiting competition among firms in product market. (2) Rising competition between firms in the product market. (3) Rising the supply of the labor in craft.

  • Q : Find supply when slope of supply curve

    When the slope of a supply curve which goes through the basis equals one, supply is: (w) price elastic. (x) price inelastic. (y) unitarily price elastic. (z) indeterminate like to elasticity without more information.

    Q : Problem on Vertical Integration Can

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. When an aluminum producer as well mined bauxite ore (employed in aluminum production) and manufactured beer cans, it will be: (i) The diagonal partnership. (ii) Vertically integ

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