Problem Set #2

Graduate Level Problem Set. First question is in relation to the article the Population Problem: Theory and Evidence by Partha Dasgupta.

   Related Questions in Microeconomics

  • Q : Present value of future payments When

    When interest rates rise, in that case the present value of future payments will: (w) fall. (x) rise. (y) remain the same. (z) depend onto the transactions demand for money.

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  • Q : Workers volunteered to work in purely

    Even though workers volunteered to work as "for free", such purely competitive firm would never hire more than: (i) L2 workers. (ii) L3 workers. (iii) L4 workers. (iv) L5 workers. (v) L6 workers.<

  • Q : Monopolistic competition firm in

    firm in monopolistic competition maximizes its profit by producing where its price is equal to its marginal cost." Is this statement correct or incorrect? Explain.

  • Q : Diseconomies of scale problem Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. When the average production costs rise as the total production of a firm rises, the firm is experiencing: (1) economies of scale. (2) Economies of scope. (3) Diseconomies of scope. (4) Disecon

  • Q : Determine produce economic profit When

    When point e corresponds to $9,000 per RoboMaid, Robomatic can produce economic profit all month of at most around: (1) $25 million. (2) $40 million. (3) $55 million. (4) $70 million. (5) $85 million.

    Q : Comparative advantage of growing fruits

    The Oranges are grown-up in Florida and potatoes are grown up in Maine mainly as: (i) There is no orange-grower’s lobby in the Maine to save from harm and Maine oranges from the unfair competition. (ii) Potatoes are not eaten in the Florida. (iii) Maine consists

  • Q : Poverty and Human Capital Enabling

    Enabling labor to move out of low-wage occupations by enhancing their education, skills, training and mobility, which will tend to: (w) lower the wages of those who leave the low wage occupation. (x) raise the wages of those who remain in the low wage

  • Q : Instance Diminishing Marginal Utility

    Assume that you were permitted to eat as many ‘free’ jelly beans as you want at present. Subsequent to a few, you start to eat more slowly and to select some flavors over others. You might ultimately stop eating a ‘free’ and enjoyable good sinc

  • Q : Economic foundations of the single tax

    The economic foundations of the single-tax progress were first presented through: (1) British Prime Minister Lloyd George. (2) John Stuart Mill. (3) Henry George. (4) David Ricardo. (5) George Stigler.

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  • Q : Determine when demand for product is

    The demand for Robot Butlers (i.e., termed as “Robotlers”), that is unitarily elastic at: (i) point a. (ii) point b. (iii) point c. (iv) point d. (v) point e.

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