Problem regarding to First Mover Advantage

Carlos and Ivana both are roommates and friends. Carlos and Ivana eat together regardless of who cooks. When this game is repeated almost daily, and on Thursday, Ivana is permitted to pick first, the probable result is that: (w) neither Carlos nor Ivana cook, nor do they eat. (x) Carlos alone cooks for both of them. (y) Ivana alone cooks for both of them. (z) Carlos and Ivana share the cooking chores, and after that they eat together.

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How can I solve my Economics problem? Please suggest me the correct answer.

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  • Q : Determine least price elastic points

    The section of this supply curve for 2×4s which is least price elastic is in between: (i) point a and point b. (ii) point b and point c. (iii) point c and point d. (iv) point d and point e. (v) point e and point f.

    Q : Price ceilings causes shortages of a

    When price ceilings cause shortages of a good in that case the good tends to be: (1) replaced by substitutes by many consumers. (2) allocated by several non price mechanism. (3) more valuable to consumers than the money prices charged

  • Q : Making purely competitive firm A purely

    A purely competitive firm will produce where is: (w) MC is rising. (x) MC = P. (y) MC = MR. (z) All of the above.

    Can anybody suggest me the proper explanation for given problem regarding Economics

  • Q : Transferred Funds in Financial Markets

    Financial markets are markets in that funds are transferred from: (w) financial investors or institutions which have an excess of available funds to people or firms which have a shortage. (x) people who have a shortage of obtainable funds to people wh

  • Q : Maximum possible total revenue by sales

    Maximum possible total revenue by sales of the especially popular St. Valentine’s Day software is about: (i) $140 million. (ii) $250 million. (iii) $350 million. (iv) $420 million. (v) $1 billion.

    Q : Concentration ratio explain the concept

    explain the concept of a concentration ratio. is the concentration ratio in a monoplistically competitive industry likely to be higher than for a perfectly competitive industry?

  • Q : Monopsony Power definition Can someone

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The monopsony is a: (1) Market with just one seller. (2) Sole buyer of a specific good or resource. (3) Market with just one product. (4) Firm which employs just one resource.

  • Q : Problem on buying a used car You desire

    You desire to purchase a used car. The dealer knows accurately how well the car works and how much it must cost, although you are not sure of its value. This is an illustration of: (i) Asymmetric information. (ii) Dealer rights. (iii) Predatory pricing. (iv) First mov

  • Q : Perfectly price elasticity of supply

    The supply of textile employees in China is possibly most like the perfectly price elastic supply curve within: (w) Panel A. (x) Panel B. (y) Panel C. (z) Panel D.

    Q : Increasing return to a factor Describe

    Describe the likely behaviour of total product beneath the phase of increasing return to a factor.

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