Present value of a bond paying by giving interest rate

At an interest rate of 5 percent per year the present value of a bond paying $100 yearly forever is: (a) infinite. (b) $500. (c) $909.10. (d) $2000.

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    Provide the solution of this question. To be officially unemployed a person must: A) be in the labor force. B) be 21 years of age or older. C) have just lost a job. D) be waiting to be called back from a layoff.

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    Excess demand: If AD > AS at the full employment level. Then it is termed as Excess demand.

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    Price discrimination occurs when a good is: (1) priced by a formula yielding monopoly profit. (2) denied to customers who refuse to pay the going price. (3) sold at different prices not reflecting differences in costs. (4) subject to government price

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    The rate of return for an asset which costs $1,500 today and pays $1,800 a year from now is: (1) 5 percent. (2) 10 percent. (3) 15 percent. (4) 17.5 percent. (5) 20 percent.

    Please choose the right answer from abov

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    The Aid for Dependent Children (AFDC), program has been condemned most for: (w) high crime rates among the poor. (x) the disintegration of low income family structures. (y) indifference to the plight of the less fortunate. (z) the bankruptcies of Clev

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    If Bank of America helps link an inventor in require of additional funds to develop a ground breaking invention along with a retired school teacher along with excess savings, in that case they are performing: (1) love connections. (2) financial interm

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