Poverty and Human Capital

Enabling labor to move out of low-wage occupations by enhancing their education, skills, training and mobility, which will tend to: (w) lower the wages of those who leave the low wage occupation. (x) raise the wages of those who remain in the low wage occupation. (y) put downward pressure on the minimum legal wage. (z) decrease the labor resources available to society.

Can someone explain/help me with best solution about problem of Economics..

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  • Q : Average revenue and marginal revenue

    In spite of of the amount sold, price equals for a price-taker firm on both average: (i) revenue and marginal revenue. (ii) variable cost and marginal cost. (iii) fixed cost and average variable cost. (iv) total cost and marginal revenue.

  • Q : Distribution of Wealth Wealth is

    Wealth is distributed within the United States such as the lowest quintile [20 percent] owns: (w) about 7% of all wealth; where the highest quintile owns 60%. (x) about 5% of all wealth; where the highest quintile has 40%. (y) less than 3% of all wealth; where the ric

  • Q : Supply in the short run and long run

    Supply is too elastic (contain a smaller coefficient) within the long run than in the: (w) short-run in competitive, constant-cost industries. (x) short-run in competitive, increasing-cost industries. (y) market period in virtually all industries. (z) All of the above

  • Q : Centers for production in circular flow

    I have a problem in economics on Centers for production in circular flow model. Please help me in the following question. The centers for production in a circular flow model are termed as: (1) Households. (2) Public enterprises. (3) Business firms. (4

  • Q : Economic profit of purely-competitive

    This purely-competitive lumber mill experiences on the average day is an: (w) economic profit of about $340. (x) economic loss of roughly $150. (y) accounting profit of less than $300. (z) accounting loss of more than $100.

    Q : Total revenue and profit Monsieur

    Monsieur Cournot has a monopoly on an artesian well from that flows tasty spring water along with medicinal properties. To ignore variable costs, he insists which customers bring their own pails as well as fill them personally. When C

  • Q : Unit of Account function of money Unit

    Unit of Account function of money: The Unit of Account function of money is also termed as the measure of value function. Money as a unit of account signifies a standard unit for quoting the prices. This makes money a powerful medium of comparing the

  • Q : Define regressive in taxes as

    Line T2 depicts as in below graph a tax system which is: (i) progressive. (ii) recessive. (iii) proportional. (iv) biased. (v) regressive.

    Q : Condition for long-run equilibrium

    Which of the given is NOT a condition for long-run equilibrium into a purely competitive market: (w) P = MC (x) MR = MC (y) P = LRAC (z) TFC = TC

    Can anybody suggest me the proper explanation for given problem rega

  • Q : Labor Supply Curves to the Competitive

    The price taker in labor market: (1) Can set the salary that it will pay for the labor it hires. (2) Can set the salary at which it supplies the use of its labor. (3) Doesn’t care what salary it pays or obtains. (4) Can’t influence the wage recognized by t

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