In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents: A 5 percent of the income receivers. B 10 percent of the income receivers. C 15 percent of the income receivers. D 20 percent of the income receivers.

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  • Q : Economic efficiency of purely

    Most economists favor purely competitive markets since they tend to as: (1) economies of scale. (2) large profits. (3) mutual interdependence. (4) corporate organizations. (5) economic efficiency.

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  • Q : Equilibrium Market Price by Rate of

    Assume that an existing apartment complicated is predicted to generate a consistent net of $1,250,000 cash flow per year into rent, after deducting all recurring variable costs (for example, taxes, utilities, and maintenance). When th

  • Q : Marginal revenue curve A monopolist

    A monopolist which does not price discriminate has a marginal revenue curve which slopes down faster than does the demand curve the monopolist faces since: (1) economies of scale are significant. (2) selling more requires lowering the

  • Q : Maximizing firm profit conflicts with

    Whenever maximizing the firm profit conflicts with self-interests of business managers, this can lead to the: (i) Principal-agent problems. (ii) Negative accounting gain. (iii) Maximization of the revenues. (iv) Negative economic gain.

    Q : Problem on Fair labor standards act Can

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The Fair Labor Standards Act initially: (1) Was performed in the year 1858. (2) Outlawed minimum salaries. (3) Established a low minimum salary in a limited number of divisions

  • Q : What is APS What is APS? APS = S/Y. It

    What is APS?

    APS = S/Y.
    It is the ratio of income to saving which is termed as APS.

  • Q : Marginal revenue in kinked-demand model

    Into this "kinked-demand" model, such firm views the marginal revenue curve this faces as the: (1) linear curve acD2 for all prices. (2) linear curve deMR1 for all prices. (3) nonlinear curve adeMR1. (

  • Q : Meaning of division of labor Give the

    Give the answer of following question. The division of labor means that: 1) labor markets are geographically segmented. 2) unskilled workers outnumber skilled workers. 3) workers specialize in various production tasks. 4) each worker performs a large number of tasks.<

  • Q : Incurs total costs by profit

    This profit-maximizing brickyard as in illustrated figure incurs total costs of approximately: (i) $1200 daily. (ii) $1300 daily. (iii) $1400 daily. (iv) $1530 daily (v) $1600 daily.

    Q : Problem on greatest consumer surplus

    Which of the following below goods produces the greatest consumer surplus? (1) Free downloading to pirate your favorite songs. (2) Diamonds. (3) Water. (4) College textbooks. (5) Slices of the pizza.

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