In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents: A 5 percent of the income receivers. B 10 percent of the income receivers. C 15 percent of the income receivers. D 20 percent of the income receivers.

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  • Q : Loss efficiency to society from

    When the equilibrium price of wheat is $50 per ton and the marginal cost of the last ton of wheat generated is $70, there is: (w) an efficiency loss to society from over-production. (x) an efficiency loss to society from underproducti

  • Q : Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility

    The law of diminishing marginal utility might be evidenced by the person: (i) Smoking more however enjoying it less. (ii) Purchasing a new car subsequent to getting an increase. (iii) Distributing excess food to starving children. (iv) Who studies muc

  • Q : Cost conditions and market demand curve

    The fact that a firm along with market power adjusts output depending upon both cost conditions and the features of the market demand curve means that: (w) the amount which a monopolist produces tends to be more volatile than the outp

  • Q : Problem regarding Collective Bargaining

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question.

    The union strategy which probably outcomes the maximum wages for both the union members and other workers over long run is: (1) Limiting ent

  • Q : Price discriminate by monopoly firms

    Monopoly firms which can’t price discriminate: (a) are generally forced to shut down into the long run. (b) find this impossible to bar entry by new competitors within the long run. (c) by producing maximize profit where average

  • Q : Differnt types of demand and supply i

    i want to understand different market competitions using graphs and solving some problems

  • Q : Concentration ratio explain the concept

    explain the concept of a concentration ratio. is the concentration ratio in a monoplistically competitive industry likely to be higher than for a perfectly competitive industry?

  • Q : Internet connection system in Short Run

    The resource most probable to be viewed as the fixed in short run by a firm which operates a cable TV and Internet connection system would be: (1) Unskilled workers who bury the cable. (2) The personal computer (3) Satellite dishes that it has leased to the customers.

  • Q : Features of monopolistic competition

    Why Features of monopolistic competition is monopolist in nature?


    (a) Control over price
    (b) Downward sloping demand curve

  • Q : Profit-maximizing output for economic

    Babble-On maintains world-wide patents for software which translates any of 314 spoken languages in text, along with automatic audio and text translations within any of the other three-hundred-thirteen languages. When Babble-On produces its profit-maximizing o

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