In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents: A 5 percent of the income receivers. B 10 percent of the income receivers. C 15 percent of the income receivers. D 20 percent of the income receivers.

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  • Q : Percent of interest rate for the price

    When the Bank of England issues perpetuities which pay of £100 yearly, forever, beginning one year by today, in that case at an interest rate of 5 percent the price of that bonds is: (1) £9,500. (2) £5,000. (3) £2,000. (4) &pou

  • Q : Buying on margin What does “ buying on

    What does “buying on margin” means?

  • Q : Uses for break-even analysis Explain

    Explain what are the several uses for break-even analysis?

  • Q : Domestic production possibilities curve

    Refer to the following domestic production possibilities curve for Karalex. The gain to Karalex from specialization and international trade is represented by a move from: 1) A to B. 2) C to A. 3) C to D. 4) B to E.

    Q : Problem on bonds and interest rate The

    The _______ price for a lately issued bond signifies that the firm issuing the bond is paying the _______ interest rate to borrow the funds. (1) Lower; lower. (2) Lower; higher. (3) Higher; higher. (4) None of the above. The interest rate is fixed.

    Q : Inadequate competition or lack of

    A firm’s capability to alter the price of its output due to inadequate competition or a lack of perfect substitutes for its products is an illustration of: (i) adverse selection. (ii) simple game theory. (iii) X-inefficiency. (iv) strategic behavior. (v) market

  • Q : Synonym of the term utility The nearest

    The nearest to being a synonym of the term “utility” is: (1) Universal.. (2) Consumption. (3) Satisfaction. (4) Multi-faceted. (5) Marginalism

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  • Q : Requirements for pure competition The

    The needs for pure competition are most intimately met by the market for: (i) domestic (American) steel. (ii) comic books. (iii) sugar-coated cereal within your local grocery store. (iv) stocks and bonds traded on Wall Street after they have been issu

  • Q : Market power and inefficiency The

    The widespread and unregulated exercise of monopoly power is probable to result within: (1) economic inefficiency because price exceeds marginal cost. (2) the value of national income being higher than under competition. (3) a politically more accepta

  • Q : Real interest rate in saving and

    When the real interest rate : (w) is low, there are greater incentives to borrow and fewer incentives to lend. (x) is low, there are greater incentives to lend and fewer incentives to borrow. (y) equals the nominal interest rate + the expected rate of

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