Personal communication and mass communication

Write down the differentiations between personal communication and mass communication?




The most essential differentiation between personal communication and mass communication is the mass of the audience as well as the source of the message. Through which we mean that in personal communication the sender and the receiver is a person whereas in mass communication the sender and the receiver might be a person a group or a vast chunk of population of a country.

The other imperative differentiation between them is the purpose why the message really originated and the conditions under which it is been communicated. For illustration in personal communication the term of certain emotions could be a purpose whereas in mass communication it may be to induce the audience of the message to try or buy a service or product.

The tools or rather the medium in both are also dissimilar, mass communication will have audio visual, print, internet and so on. But personal communication will have internet or mail, mobile as an instrument to communicate.

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