Package diagram and collaboration diagram

Explain the sequence diagram. Describe the package diagram and the collaboration diagram.




Sequence Diagrams:

They are the pictorial representation of event taking place in accordance with the time line. In sequence Diagrams, we exhibit the respective class names by the small box and the event as a arrow.
Sequence Diagrams help in explaining the normal course and alternative course of the use cases.

VOPC - View of Participating Classes

VOPC is defined as combined representation (showing) of all classes within one single page.

Collaboration Diagrams:

They are considered as an alternative presentation of the sequence diagram. We utilizes the boxes to describe the objects, the lines joining the two boxes indicate that the objects collaborate with each other and we utilize a multiplicity factor "*" in order to indicate that all components of the aggregation receive the message.

Package Diagram:

It refers to the complete set of the sequence Diagrams or the Collaboration Diagrams of the system.

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