From the heterodox approach, what options does the enterprise need to produce more output? What effect do these options put on its cost structure?

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  • Q : Pricing for profit-car parking The

    The owner of a city centre car park desires to know the best price to charge for parking throughout office hours on weekdays. On a usual weekday, the car park is at present only half full.

  • Q : Explain about supply curve A supply

    A supply curve which is: (i) vertical is perfectly price elastic. (ii) horizontal is perfectly price inelastic. (iii) linear and goes through the origin has a price elasticity of one. (iv) rectangularly hyperbolic is also unitarily elastic. (v) trapez

  • Q : Price elasticity coefficient at

    Every point beside a vertical demand curve (when there was such a thing) would include a price elasticity coefficient equivalent to: (1) 1. (2)  1. (3) zero. (4) infinity. (5)  1/2.

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  • Q : Monopolies in short run Within the

    Within the short run, there monopolies can: (i) make economic profits. (ii) break even. (iii) make economic losses. (iv) All of the above.

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  • Q : Economic idea of pure competition The

    The market circumstances most intimately conforming to the economic idea of pure competition would be as: (w) a broccoli farmer and the national market for broccoli. (x) your local cable company and the consumer market for cable TV. (y) Nissan vs. GM

  • Q : Set price equal to produce output

    Assume that HoloIMAGine’s patents for holographic technology lapsed, as well as entry of new competitors within this market eroded the demand for HoloIMAGine technology, even though the firm retains several market power since competitors’

  • Q : Average cost-aversge variable

    Relation between Average cost, aversge variable cost and Marginal cost:


    Q : Maximum profit by equilibrium When a

    When a monopolist reaches equilibrium: (1) its profits are at a maximum. (2) price equals marginal cost. (3) average cost is at its minimum. (4) marginal cost is at a minimum.

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  • Q : Profit-maximizing pure competitor in

    For a profit-maximizing pure competitor in the short-run equilibrium: (w) P = MC = MR. (x) MC = minimum AC. (y) MR > P. (z) only normal profits will be earned.

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  • Q : Arc elasticity of demand The arc

    The arc elasticity of demand of Bosun for labor in between point f and point g is approximately: (1) one. (2) 1.250. (3) 1.375. (4) 1.500. (5) 1.750.

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