From the heterodox approach, what options does the enterprise need to produce more output? What effect do these options put on its cost structure?

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  • Q : Competition and Rivalry When new firms

    When new firms enter an imperfectly competitive market, in that case the demand curves of the firms previously in the market will: (w) shift to the left. (x) shift to the right. (y) become vertical. (z) become horizontal.

    Q : Consuming a grouping of goods problem A

    A household utmost it’s utility by consuming a grouping of goods which exhausts income when, for each and every good, the: (i) Marginal utilities are equivalent. (ii) Prices are equivalent. (iii) Ratios of marginal utility or price are equivalen

  • Q : Accounting profits when economic profit

    Whenever economic profit equivalents zero, then the accounting profits: (i) Are explicit costs of the remaining in business. (ii) Will induce raised investment even when accounting costs are much low. (iii) Are too zero. (iv) Reflect normal returns on the investment t

  • Q : Total revenue when a price increases

    For hamburgers the demand is relatively elastic. When the price of hamburgers increases, in that case: (i) the quantity demanded will go up. (ii) its demand will increase. (iii) total revenue will increase. (iv) total revenue will reduce.

  • Q : Problem regarding goals of Labor Union

    I have a problem in economics on goals of Labor Union. Please help me in the following question. Trade unions are reasonably supposed to try to maximize merely: (1) Wage rate. (2) Level of employment. (3) Total wage costs paid by the employers. (4) No

  • Q : Setting price and produces an output

    Assume that Babble-On’s patents for speech-translation software covering 314 languages lapsed, as well as entry of new competitors within this market eroded the demand for Babble-On software, but the firm retains several market powers since competitors’ pr

  • Q : Long run adjustments The resources of a

    The resources of a firm in the long run which has consistently suffered economic losses are probably to: (i) move into a more profitable industry. (ii) share losses equal to the firm’s fixed costs. (iii) be merged into a firm along with better m

  • Q : Generate economic profit by a firm

    A firm is most certain to be capable to generate an economic profit when: (1) this is a monopoly. (2) entry within its industry in the short run is prevented through barriers to entry. (3) its marginal costs are less than the marginal costs of its com

  • Q : Labor Unions-Sitdown Strikes Whenever

    Whenever unions and managers have failed to arrive at a collective bargaining agreement and workers reject to leave the production facility owned by firm, the union’s strategy is termed as: (i) Boycott or an embargo. (ii) Management lock-out. (i

  • Q : Long run entry of supply curve When the

    When the price for cranberries is primarily P1, in that case in the long run: (w) firms will neither enter nor exit this industry. (x) entry of firms will move curve supply curve A to the right. (y) exit of firms will move