From the heterodox approach, what options does the enterprise need to produce more output? What effect do these options put on its cost structure?

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  • Q : Total increase in national income In an

    In an economy the MPC is 0.75. Investment expenses in the economy raise by Rs.75 crore. Compute total increase in national income.

  • Q : Diminishing Marginal Utility of a good

    Whenever eating a whole pizza and realizing that the last piece didn’t taste almost as good as the first, you are experiencing is: (1) Diminishing the marginal utility. (2) Law of comparative advantage. (3) Law of income effect. (4) Law of supply.

  • Q : What is the sum of market demand for a

    I have a problem in economics on what is the sum of market demand for a good. Please help me in the following question. The other things constant, market demand for the good is a sum of: (i) Firm’s utility-maximizing decisions. (ii) Amounts dema

  • Q : Comparative advantage in making food

    When Wilma can make a brontosaurus burger in 10 min and a cactus cooler in 5, whereas Betty can make the burger in 8 min and the cactus cooler in 3. Then find out the right option from the above: (1) Betty consists of a comparative disadvantage in the coolers and a co

  • Q : What is the revenue of a firm Revenue

    Revenue of a firm: It is the sale or money receipts from the sale of product.

  • Q : Imperfect competition-Market power of

    As MRP < VMP in imperfect competition whenever firms encompass market power as sellers then: (i) MPPL = VMP. (ii) The price of output surpasses MFC. (iii) Monopolistic exploitation becomes essential to get profit. (iv) Imperfect competition can’t reach the eq

  • Q : Normal accounting profit with zero

    Accounting profits are normal along with zero economic profits while there is: (1) monopoly power which has not yet been capitalized. (2) unpredicted short run surges within demand for a good. (3) uncertainty therefore unpredictable e

  • Q : Oligopolistic firms by intersecting two

    In this illustrated figure kinked demand curve model, there two demand curves intersect at point a since the other oligopolistic firms: (w) are rapid to follow both price increases and price decreases by rival firms. (x) will follow p

  • Q : Monopoly a monopolist has two plants

    a monopolist has two plants with two different cost functions.given output for one plantis given how do calculate output for the other plant?

  • Q : What Determinants of Supply include

    Determinants of supply do not comprise: (1) Government regulations. (2) Technology. (3) Resource prices. (4) Prices for other producible goods. (5) Tastes and preferences.

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