Opportunity Cost to the User

An opportunity cost to the user, although not to society as an entire, which would be the: (w) accounting profits realized by a firm of CPAs. (x) interest paid by a borrower for a bank loan. (y) rent paid by a sharecropper to a plantation owner. (z) monthly pay of a draftee inducted in the military throughout a national defence emergency.

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    When new firms enter an imperfectly competitive market, in that case the demand curves of the firms previously in the market will: (w) shift to the left. (x) shift to the right. (y) become vertical. (z) become horizontal.

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    I need a good answer on the topic of Ec

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    A firm possessing important market power may suffer by managerial slack [X-inefficiency] and unessential high costs, which implies that, the firm: (i) is likely to be absorbed through a predatory rival. (ii) realizes less than the max

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