Operations Management/Operations Research (AMARCO LINEAR PRO

The subject is related to Operations Management/Operations Research and Supply Chain Management. CHECK THE COURSE OUTLINE & ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS FOR FULL DETAILS ABOUT THE ASSIGNMENT. The case Amarco 4.1 linear programming modeling (p. 212 - 214) has to be looked by a expert in Operations Management or Operations Research field with excellent skills in excel sheet modeling (linear programming). The case have 10 Questions needed to be answered all (you can find it with the attachment) needed to be illustrated both in qualitative and quantitative methods, first quantitative part is needs excel sheet linear programming model calculations for the 10 questions. Second is the qualitative part by interpreting and analyzing excel sheet linear programming model data of 10 questions in word file (in word file Q1 data analysis answer, Q2 data analysis answer, Q3 data analysis answer, Q4 data analysis answer etc...). Make sure you make step by step calculations with explanation of each step to minimize errors and to make clear for the reader and you have to make sure that the numerical calculations are correct and not too complex to understand so you can build the analysis on it later on. I will deal with you as a return customer for the 2nd and 3rd assignments next month in the same area if that one were correct answers (correct step by step calculations and data analysis with recommendations), high quality research and writing and had been looking after carefully. The source of the subject and assignment is Practical Management Science, W L Winston and S C Albright, Cengage Learning, 4th edition, 2012.

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    Hi Everyone, i would like to have an assistant of my assignment. Case 4.1 AMARCO Book Name: Practical Management Science- 4th Edition. Q.1 and Q.2 are higly recommended because other questions depend on occuracy of Q.1 and Q.2. The subject is related to Operations Management/Operations Research

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    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question.

    The successful Operations Strategy would frequently address the given issues: (i) Marketing Capability, Production Scheduling and Equipment

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    The model for comparing the gap among the market requirements and accomplished performance is: (a) Platts-Gregory procedure. (b) Operations resources viewpoint. (c) Operations strategy matrix. (d) Hill methodology.

    What is the righ

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    There are four viewpoints on the operations strategy. Which of the given viewpoint the term emergent strategy is most closely related: (a) Market requirements perspective. (b) Top-down perspective. (c) Operations resources perspective. (d)  Bottom-up perspective.

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