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  • Q : Legal and ethical obligations Compare

    Compare and contrast the ethical and legal obligations for a: (i) CFP practitioner (ii) member of the FPA (iii) a financial services professional.

  • Q : How is Poisson process defined How is

    How is Poisson process defined?

  • Q : Bidding You are required to submit a

    You are required to submit a bid to supply 200,000,000 widgets per year to the State of Illinois for the next five years. Your company has an idle tract of real estate that cost $1,500,000 ten years ago; if your company sold the land today, it would generate $3,000,000 after the taxes were paid. The

  • Q : Describe difference between

    Describe difference between international financial management and domestic financial management?

  • Q : Question on security returns Security

    Security returns are found to be less correlated across countries than in a country. Why can it be?
    Security returns are less correlated possibly because countries are distinct from each other in terms of industry structure, macroeconomic policie

  • Q : Raising funds from outside the

    Elucidate: Companies with rapidly growing levels of sales do not need to worry about raising funds from outside the organisation.

  • Q : Explain different types of hedge

    Explain different types of hedge.

  • Q : Warrants are not often exercised

    Explain: warrants are not often exercised unless the time to maturity is small.

  • Q : Arbitrage Given: price of Nokia shares

    Given: price of Nokia shares on the Helsinki stock exchange=12 euros, exchange rate=$1.3/euro, price of the ADR on the NYSE=$15 and each foreign share translates into 1 ADR. Show the actions you would take to make risk free arbitrage profits.

  • Q : Explain how portfolio’s value for

    Explain how portfolio’s value for realization calculated? Give an example.

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