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  • Q : Implicit SF-$ exchange rate at maturity

    Consider 8.5 % Swiss franc/U.S. dollar dual currency bonds which pay $666.67 at maturity per SF1,000 of par value.  Describe implicit SF/$ exchange rate at maturity?  Will the investor be better or worse off at maturity if the real SF/$ exchange rate

  • Q : A. What per visit price must be set for

    A. What per visit price must be set for the service to break even? To earn an annual profit of $100,000

  • Q : Explain the tool of Discretization

    Explain the tool of Discretization methods in Quantitative Finance.

  • Q : Describe the name of volatilities

    Describe the name of volatilities.

  • Q : Appraisal of AFEP and CNPF In the year

    In the year of 1995, a working group of French chief executive officers was set up by the French Association of Private Companies (AFEP) and Confederation of French Industry (CNPF) to study the French corporate governance structure. The group reported the prov

  • Q : An example of distribution of

    Illustrates an example of distribution of individual numbers or random numbers.

  • Q : $-£ currency swap Assume Morgan

    Assume Morgan Guaranty, Ltd. is quoting swap rates as follows: 7.75 - 8.10 percent annually against six-month dollar LIBOR for dollars and 11.25 - 11.65 percent annually against six-month dollar LIBOR for British pound sterling. At what rates will Morgan Gua

  • Q : Financial management From books of

    From books of Aggarwal Bors, following information has been extracted: Rs. Sales 2,40,000 Variable costs 1,44,000 Fixed costs 26,000 Profit before tax 70,000 Rate of tax

  • Q : Economic agents- hedgers and speculators

    In order for a derivatives market to function two kind of economic agents are required: hedgers & speculators. Describe.
    Two kinds of market participants are essential for the operation of a derivatives market: speculators & hedgers.

  • Q : International and domestic financial

    Describe difference between international financial management and domestic financial management?
    There are three major dimensions which set apart international finance from domestic finance as
    1. Foreign exchange & political risks,