Necessary things for cloud computing platform

Explain some of the necessary things a user must know before going for the cloud computing platform?




A user must know some of the parameters through which he can go for cloud computing services. The parameters are listed as follows:

a) User must know data integrity in cloud computing: It is defined as a measure in order to assure the integrity such as the data is complete, accurate and reasonable.

b) Compliance: User must make sure that the proper rules and regulations are followed while implementing the structure.

c) Loss of data: User must know regarding the provisions which are offered in case of the loss of data so that the backup and recovery may be possible.

d) Business continuity plans: User must think about what the cloud services offers him uninterrupted data resources.

c) Uptime: User must know regarding the uptime, the cloud computing platform gives and how helpful it is for the business.

d) Data storage costs: User must determine out about the cost that you need to pay before you go for the cloud computing.

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