What are the causes of a Monopoly

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  • Q : Qualitative and Quantitative data What

    What is the difference between qualitative data and quantitative data, provide an example of each.

  • Q : Major type of expenditure at the state

    What is the most important source of revenue and the major type of expenditure at the state level?  

  • Q : Explain about the principle of

    Economic efficiency needs that, relative to the other goods which different individuals might consume, the people who value exact goods relatively the most should own and/or use all goods. Such principle is termed as: (i) economic equity. (ii) allocat

  • Q : Comment surpluses drives price

    surpluses drives price down,shortages drive up

  • Q : Elucidate Reliance on technology and

    Elucidate Reliance on technology and capital goods of the market system?

  • Q : Explain how the Circular Flow Model for

    Explain how the Circular Flow Model for a Market-Oriented System?

  • Q : Problem on opportunity cost buying a

    After agonizing regarding whether to buy a hot dog or a hamburger along with his last dollar while he goes to the fair, Jeeter at last chooses the hot dog. The hamburger shows Jeeter's: (i) normative choice, because it would be more nutritious. (ii) opportunity cost o

  • Q : Price competition My friend can't

    My friend can't succeed to get the answer of this question. Give me solution of this question. From a heterodox perspective, why does destructive price competition drive enterprises to set up market institutions which would abolish price competition?

  • Q : Describe Net income approach Briefly

    Briefly describe Net income approach? Named who recommended this theory?

  • Q : Allocating resources and distribute

    The market system tends to mainly beneficial allocating resources and distributes goods while: (1) the distributions of wealth and resource ownership are extensively perceived as equitable. (2) markets are extremely competitive. (3) goods are rival an