What are the causes of a Monopoly

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  • Q : Importance of rationally optimal

    Economic scarcity is pervasive, that makes choices essential. Therefore, rationally optimal decisions hinge upon tradeoffs which essentially reflect: (i) cooperation to minimize human greed. (ii) opportunity costs. (iii) competitive social behavior. (

  • Q : Elucidate types of unemployment

    Elucidate types of unemployment?

  • Q : How might government correct this

    What divergences arise between equilibrium and an efficient output spillover benefits are present?  How might government correct this divergence?

  • Q : Utility functions to calculate scores


    1. Nancy is taking a course in Fairy Tales from Professor Grimm and another in Philosophy from Professor Par. In each course there will be two exams, a midterm exam and a final exam. In Professor Grimm's

  • Q : Productive capacity After the Spanish

    After the Spanish found the new world, they promptly began to plunder this. They imported huge amount of gold and silver to Spain. It inflow of bullion caused a rapid increase in inflation, that would have grave consequences for Spain. It is quick inflation made this

  • Q : When Economic efficiency is present

    Economic efficiency is present while the: (w) economic system is a pure socialist system. (x) resources obtainable are slightly wasted. (y) value of output is maximized, specified restricted resources. (z) utilization of resources is minimized.


  • Q : Organization of employees-Division of

    ‘Mama’ Jean consists of one employee bake crumbly, graham cracker crusts at Mama’s Home-Pies, whereas the other stirs gooey, hot, apple filling. Her staff is organized in accord with a/an: (1) Task management system. (2) Division of labor. (3) Compar

  • Q : Write short note Economics Write short

    Write short note Economics?

  • Q : An Inquiry in the Nature and Causes The

    The first comprehensive work upon economics written within English was authored through Adam Smith in 1776 year and entitled that “An Inquiry within the Nature and Causes of: (1) Laws of Supply and Demand.” (2) Wealth of Nations.” (3

  • Q : Elucidate the overview of Business Cycle

    Elucidate the overview of Business Cycle?

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