What are the causes of a Monopoly

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  • Q : Characterized contestable markets

    Industries that are described as "contestable": (w) will experience long-run economic profits equal to zero. (x) are difficult for firms to enter, but not to exit. (y) are difficult for firms to exit, but not to enter. (z) will charge prices greater t

  • Q : Introduction of the term Risk Principle

    Give a brief introduction of the term Risk Principle?

  • Q : Explain the Market System Specialization

    Explain the Market System Specialization?

  • Q : Relation of increased productivity by

    Discussion of a pin factory by Adam Smith focused upon the increased productivity related along with: (w) free international trade as per absolute advantage. (x) specialization and the division of labor. (y) free international trade as per comparative advantage. (z) certainty abo

  • Q : Profit in perfect competition leads to

    An increase within demand for "green-certified" products will ________ a firm's economic profit, and the raise within costs to have a product certified like "green" will ________ a firm's economic profit: w) increase; increase x) increase; decrease y)

  • Q : Illustrate how Macroeconomics examines

    Illustrate how Macroeconomics examines the economy as a whole?

  • Q : U.S. exports create a demand for

    True or false? “U.S. exports create a demand for foreign currencies; foreign imports of U.S. goods generate supplies of foreign currencies.”  Explain.

  • Q : Comment surpluses drives price

    surpluses drives price down,shortages drive up

  • Q : Marginal rate of substitution Problem:


    Luke likes to consumer CDs (good1) and pizzas (good 2). His preference over both goods is given by the utility function

    U(x1; x2) = x21

  • Q : Illustration of Absolute and Relative

    The price of KnickKnacks is $1 and the price of WigWags has increased with $2 to $3. Therefore:  (w) absolute price of KnickKnacks has decreased and the relative price of WigWags has increased. (x) relative and absolute prices of KnickKnacks have

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