What are the causes of a Monopoly

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  • Q : Problem on Legislature budget XY School

    XY School District has a large number of students in need of remedial instruction. The superintendent of XY School System can allocated her budget between purchasing X units of remedial instruction at a price of $2,000/unit and spending an amount ($Y) on all other sch

  • Q : Managerial Economics Managerial

    Managerial Economics

    Meaning and definition

    Managerial economics general refer to the integration of economy th

  • Q : Opportunity Cost Opportunity Cost :

    Opportunity Cost:

    Whenever you select a particular alternative, the next best alternative should be given up. For illustration, when you desire to watch cricket highlights in T.V., you should

  • Q : Explain the shapes of the

    Specify and explain the shapes of the marginal-benefit and marginal-cost curves and use these curves to determine the optimal allocation of resources to a particular product.  If current output is such that marginal cost exceeds marginal benefit, should more or l

  • Q : Nature and Scope of Economics Nature

    Nature and Scope of Economics:


    Economics is a social science that

  • Q : Importance of rationally optimal

    Economic scarcity is pervasive, that makes choices essential. Therefore, rationally optimal decisions hinge upon tradeoffs which essentially reflect: (i) cooperation to minimize human greed. (ii) opportunity costs. (iii) competitive social behavior. (

  • Q : Demand for bagels rises dramatically

    Explain the demand for bagels rises dramatically while the demand for breakfast cereal falls?

  • Q : Expansion of preschool programs for

    Use the circular flow model to confirm this assertion for an expansion of preschool programs for disadvantaged children?

  • Q : What are the major provisions of GATT

    What are the major provisions of GATT

  • Q : Market Apparent program For the

    For the question below, utilize the given information. The market for gizmos is competitive, with an increasing sloping supply curve and a downward sloping demand curve. With no govt. intervention, the equilibrium price is $25 and the equilibrium quantity is 10,000 gi

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