Monopolies over brand name products of firms

Several firms have monopolies over brand name products, although face competition from: (w) international cartels. (x) oligopolistic rivals. (y) producers of close substitutes for their products. (z) intra-firm rivalry.

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  • Q : Define break-even price Break-even

    Break-even price: This is the price at which firms form zero normal profit.

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    The proportion of older or disabled Americans suffering throughout severe poverty has been most sharply decreased due to such programs as: (w) Social Security and Medicare. (x) negative income taxes. (y) food stamps and subsidized housing. (z) the Emp

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    Both average variable costs and average total costs are demonstrated for this profit-maximizing firm, therefore this given figure depicts information for: (i) an oligopoly firm. (ii) operations in the short run since fixed costs are present, although

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  • Q : Determine profit maximizing A

    A monopolist has an inverse demand curve given by p(y) = 12 - y and a cost curve given by

    c(y) = y2.

    (a) What will be its profi t maximizing level of output?

  • Q : Enter an industry by barriers to entry

    Barriers to entry: (w) make this complicated or impossible for new firms to profitably enter an industry. (x) uniformly violate U.S. antitrust statutes. (y) are fundamentally technological instead of economic. (z) stimulate aggressive competition.

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    When an NBA all-star bets in opposition to his team in games he plays after getting the money designated in his contract, he would be describing the problem of: (1) Default a version. (2) Over achievement. (3) Moral hazard. (4) Stupidity.

    Q : Demand and supply problem Assume that

    Assume that the demand for jeans rises. At similar time, since of an increase in price of cotton, the supply of jeans reduces. How will it influence the price and amount sold of jeans?

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    Assume that, for you, lobster is an ordinary good and peanut butter is a poorer good. When your income increases, you will probably consume: (1) Greater of both goods. (2) Less of both goods. (3) Greater peanut butter and less lobster. (4) Greater lobster and less pea

  • Q : Most likely resources in short run I

    I have a problem in economics on most likely resources in short run. Please help me in the following question. The most probable of the given resources to be fixed for the farmer in short run would be: (1) Land. (2) Labor. (3) Fertilizer. (4) All the above would be of

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