Select the right ans wer of the question. Critics of minimum-wage legislation argue that it: A) keeps inefficient producers in business. B) reduces employment.C) undermines incentives to work. D) is deflationary.

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  • Q : What is Marketability What is

    What is Marketability. Write some points for it.

  • Q : Occurrence of Adverse Selection When an

    When an NFL football team obscures information regarding damage to a former all-pro linebacker’s knees prior to trading him to the other team, the team which receives that player loses since of: (1) Immoral hazard. (2) Malfeasance. (3) Perverse selection. (4) Ad

  • Q : Altering the value of place for better

    The trucker who hauls fresh oranges from Florida to the New York raises the value of oranges by directly and productively changing their: (i) Time of consumption. (ii) Location or Place. (iii) Ownership or Possession. (iv) Form and substance.

    Q : Family Allowance Plans for Payments

    Family Allowance Plans [FAPs] as like those common in many European nations give: (w) incentives for couples to live together without marriage due to the punitive tax rates. (x) payments that are roughly enough to feed and clothe each child in a famil

  • Q : Collective Bargaining and Monopsonistic

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options.

    Assume that sales of generic beds are highly competitive and Deluxe Beds is just significant employer in Nowhere, Nevada. When deluxe workers unionize and

  • Q : Effect of reducing prices on

    Can someone help me in finding out the accurate answer from the given options. People tend to recognize more ways to employ a good if the: (1) The prices of substitute goods drop. (2) Good is poorer and their incomes increase. (3) Complements of good become more costl

  • Q : Competition-Social Welfare problem The

    The purely competitive firm in the output market which hires from a purely competitive labor market will employ the labor at the point where VMP = W as the firm: (i) Operates in society's best interest. (ii) Wants to be quite fair to workers. (iii) Is egalitarian inst

  • Q : Needs of Investments Investments

    Investments require: (w) current outlays, and yield current returns. (x) current outlays, and yield future returns. (y) future outlays, and yield current returns. (z) future outlays, and yield future returns.


  • Q : Rate of Return on Investment When the

    When the rate of return on investment equals the interest rate, in that case the optimal level of investment will: (w) rise. (x) fall. (y) not change. (z) Any of the above is possible.

    Q : Marginal revenue in kinked-demand model

    Into this "kinked-demand" model, such firm views the marginal revenue curve this faces as the: (1) linear curve acD2 for all prices. (2) linear curve deMR1 for all prices. (3) nonlinear curve adeMR1. (

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