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I have attached a database and a PDF with 5 questions. I need the 5 questions answered with 5 queries in the database. Question 3 needs a crosstab query. All the questions require the proper join.

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  • Q : What is Low level programming languages

    Low level programming languages: It is frequently termed as `assembly languages’; these give little more than the fundamental instruction set of a particular Central Processing Unit. Therefore programs written in low level programming languages

  • Q : Define the term Inheritance Inheritance

    Inheritance: It is a feature of object-oriented programming languages in which a sub-type inherits methods and variables from its super-type. The Inheritance is most generally employed as a synonym for class inheritance {class!inheritance}, however in

  • Q : Explain Parallel programming Parallel

    Parallel programming: It is a style of programming in which statements are not essentially executed in an ordered series but in parallel. The parallel programming languages make it simpler to produce programs which are designed to be run on multi-proc

  • Q : What is signal What is meant by the

    What is meant by the signal?

  • Q : Define Constant Constant : It is the

    Constant: It is the memory block where value can be stored once although can’t modify later on throughout program execution. Example: const int pi =3.14;

  • Q : Search and Coverage of SPIN Search and

    Search and Coverage of SPIN: SPIN has a highly optimized state exploration algorithm. It supports random, interactive and guided simulation, and both exhaustive and partial coverage, based on either depth-first or breadth-first search.

    Q : Differences between primary storage and

    What are the differences between primary storage and secondary storage?

  • Q : Explain Global variable Global variable

    Global variable: It is a phenomenon which is more generally regarded as being a trouble in structured programming languages than in object-oriented languages. In structured programming language, like C or Pascal, a global variable is one stated outsid

  • Q : What is Automation Testing life cycle

    What is Automation Testing life cycle?

  • Q : What is Random Access Memory Random

    Random Access Memory: Random access memory, or RAM, is the memory whose contents are simply accessible to the processing components of a computer. In specific, the time it takes to read and write to a particular portion of the memory does not based on

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