Microsoft Access

I have attached a database and a PDF with 5 questions. I need the 5 questions answered with 5 queries in the database. Question 3 needs a crosstab query. All the questions require the proper join.

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    What are good examples of element attributes?

  • Q : Explain Twos-complement notation

    Twos-complement notation: In twos-complement notation, the most noteworthy bit in an integer value is employed as the sign bit. A 1 bit points out a negative number, and a 0 bit points out a positive number. The positive number can be transformed to i

  • Q : Define Class scope Class scope :

    Class scope: Private variables stated outside the methods in a class contain class scope. They are available from all methods within a class, in spite of the order in which they are stated. The private methods too contain class scope. Variables and me

  • Q : Calculate the summation of 1 to some

    Write two programs to calculate the summation of 1 to some integer n using a function called

    int summation(int n)

    a) Using a non recursive solution, with a for(i=1, i<=n; i++) loop and b) using a recursive solution, based on the following conditions summation(n) = summation(n-1

  • Q : What is an Instance variable Instance

    Instance variable: It is a non-static field of a class. Each and every individual object of a class has its own copy of this field. This is in contrary to a class variable that is shared by all instances of class. Instance variables are employed to mo

  • Q : Define Continue statement Continue

    Continue statement: A statement which might only be employed within the body of a loop. In case of a while loop or do loop, control passes instantly to the loop's terminating test. In case of a for loop, the control passes to the post-body update expr

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    How would you extract an exact attribute by using XSLT, from an element into an XML document?

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    Explain the difference between” cmp” and “diff” commands?

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    Explain the reason to not carry on extending HTML.

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