Means of GDP

Provide the solution of this question. The GDP is the: A) monetary value of all final goods and services produced within a nation in a particular year. B) national income minus all nonincome charges against output. C) monetary value of all economic resources used in producing a year's output. D) monetary value of all goods and services, final and intermediate, produced in a specific year.

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  • Q : Limit Pricing Strategy When an

    When an incumbent firm uses an edge pricing strategy: (w) this can maximize short run profits and discourage entry in the market. (x) this may not be maximizing short run profits, but this can make positive economic profits over the long run. (y) the

  • Q : Prevent operating in long run by

    A monopolist will prevent operating within the long run unless its economic profit is: (i) zero. (ii) positive. (iii) greater than accounting profit. (iv) zero or greater. (v) zero or less.

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  • Q : Implication of the law of demand The

    The law of demand implies a relationship which: (i) Apply merely in the market economy. (ii) Needs government enforcement to work. (iii) Is negative among price and quantity demanded. (iv) Applies merely whenever scarcity is cured.

  • Q : Types of market in economy Types of

    Types of market in economy: There are two kinds of market in this economy: Factor market-for Factors of Production and Product market-for goods and Services.

  • Q : Negatively-sloped-Law of Demand The

    The Demand curves are negatively-sloped mainly as people: (1) Encounter advertising which molds the product images. (2) Have less purchasing power if prices fall for the things they sell. (3) Use goods which rise in price less, and expand the utilizat

  • Q : Problem on I-Proprietorships The

    The business owned and operated by the lone individual is a/an: (i) Unit of labor. (ii) Entrepreneurship. (iii) Corporation. (iv) Sole proprietorship.

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  • Q : Feature of pure competition NOT a

    NOT a feature of pure competition would be: (w) identical products of firms. (x) long-run freedom of entry and exit. (y) large numbers of sellers and buyers. (z) price making behavior by individual firms.

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  • Q : Wage Rates and Marginal Resource Costs

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. When a firm is the price taker in labor market and the salary is $80 per day, then the marginal resource cost incurred if hiring 20 more workers per day is as: (i) $1600. (ii) $

  • Q : New entrance in limit pricing model of

    Within the limit pricing model of strategic behavior, there the demand curve facing a new entrant will be: (w) horizontal. (x) the difference between industry demand and incumbent sales at each price. (y) the difference between the new entrant's outpu

  • Q : Long-Run Adjustments Since longer time

    Since longer time periods are considered and a bigger range of adjustments (or substitutions) become accessible, demand curves tend to become: (i) Flatter, whereas supply curves become steeper. (ii) Steeper whereas supply curves become flatter. (iii) Flatter, and ther

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