Marketing in action

Which of the following are examples of public goods?

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  • Q : Least probability of competitive market

    The competitive market system is least probable to be allocatively unproductive as a result of: (w) externalities and public goods. (x) cutthroat competition and the outsourcing of low-wage jobs to less grown countries. (y) the underproduction of a go

  • Q : Higher opportunity costs of attendance

    Economics professors would attribute students’ higher rates of attendance on days while examinations are administered to the: (w) intensified needs to learn valuable material. (x) higher opportunity costs of missing set relative to other schedul

  • Q : Significant that economics is not a

    Why is it significant that economics is not a laboratory science?  What problems may be evolved in deriving and applying economic principles?

  • Q : Elucidate the gains that have occurred

    Elucidate the gains that have occurred using the resources as before specialization?

  • Q : Demand for bagels rises dramatically

    Explain the demand for bagels rises dramatically while the demand for breakfast cereal falls?

  • Q : Maximizes profits in a perfectly

    Which of the given is not true for a firm within perfect competition: w) Profit equivalents total revenue minus total cost. x) Price equivalents average revenue. y) Average revenue is greater than marginal revenue. z) Marginal revenue equivalents the

  • Q : The market system provides such a

    Explain the statements: The market system provides such a variety of desired goods and services precisely.

  • Q : Banking crisis on checkable deposits


    Some developing countries have suffered banking crises in which depositors lost part or all of their deposits (in some countries there is no deposit insurance). This type of crisis decreases depositors' confidence in the banking syst

  • Q : Supply and demand at tax burdens and

    The new supply and demand curves within University City are S0 and D0. But after the county commission imposed at $3 per six-pack excise tax upon beer: (w) beer sellers' revenue after taxes decreases by $60,000 monthly. (x) buyers and sellers eac

  • Q : Equal share criterion of distribution

    According to the equivalent share criterion of the distribution, individuals must: (1) Share income according to personal requirement. (b) All make equivalent shares of output. (3) Each consists of incomes equivalent to their productive output. (4) Re

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