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Which of the following are examples of public goods?

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  • Q : Demand supply Newspaper item: “Due to

    Newspaper item: “Due to lower grain prices, consumers can expect retail prices of choice beef to begin dropping slightly this spring with pork becoming cheaper after midsummer,” the Agriculture Department predicted. “This reflects increasing supply,” the department said. Does the statement use th

  • Q : Illustrate the term Positive and

    Illustrate the term Positive and Normative Economics?

  • Q : Positive Balance of Payments Question:


    "Things will look good for the US if we could just get to where we are consistently running a positive Balance of Payments."
    Briefly comment on this

  • Q : Market Apparent program For the

    For the question below, utilize the given information. The market for gizmos is competitive, with an increasing sloping supply curve and a downward sloping demand curve. With no govt. intervention, the equilibrium price is $25 and the equilibrium quantity is 10,000 gi

  • Q : The financial investor about bonds

    Describe three ways to finance corporate activity.  Make a case that stocks are more risky for the financial investor than are bonds?

  • Q : Explain the term leverages Briefly

    Briefly explain the term leverages?

  • Q : Illustrate the term Economic Rationale

    Illustrate the term Economic Rationale?

  • Q : Factors of production and the method

    Who owns the factors of production and the method used to coordinate economic activity?

  • Q : Explain how women expanded production

    Explain how women expanded production possibilities?

  • Q : Innate psychological attributes of

    As illustrated by Adam Smith that there are two innate psychological attributes of humans. One is which people have a powerful wish to better their individual circumstances. The other is as human beings so we are: (1) more interested

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