marginal utility ratio

Marginal utility ratio

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  • Q : What is Sunset Clause Sunset Clause :

    Sunset Clause: The language contained in a law which states the expiration (termination) date for that statute.

  • Q : What is Carryover Carryover : The

    Carryover: The unencumbered equilibrium of an appropriation which continues to be obtainable for expenditure in years following to the year of enactment. For illustration, when a three-year appropriation is not completely encumbered in the first year,

  • Q : What is Service Revolving Fund Service

    Service Revolving Fund: A fund employed to account for and finance most of the client services provided by the Department of General Services. The amounts expended by the fund are repaid by sales and services priced at rates adequate to keep the fund

  • Q : Explain primary assumption behind

    Explain primary assumption behind the experience approach to forecasting?
    The experience approach to forecasting is depending on the supposition that things will happen a certain way in the future since they happened that way in the past. For exa

  • Q : Why do companies extend trade credit

    Accounts receivable are sometimes not gathered. Why do companies extend trade credit while they could insist on cash for all sales?
    Extending trade credit approximately leads to more sales for all time. If the incremental cash flows, comprisin

  • Q : Explain Budget Bill Budget Bill : The

    Budget Bill: The legislation symbolizing the Governor’s proposal for spending authorization for the subsequent fiscal year. The Budget Bill is all set by the Department of Finance and submitted to each house of the Legislature i

  • Q : Define Financial Planning Financial

    Financial Planning: It is a comprehensive assessment of an investor's present and future financial state by employing presently known variables to forecast future cash flows, asset values and the withdrawal plans.

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