marginal utility ratio

Marginal utility ratio

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  • Q : Causes and solution to international

    causes and solutions to international bank crisis

  • Q : What is Cash Flow Statement What is

    What is Cash Flow Statement: It is a statement of cash receipts and disbursements for a particular time period.

  • Q : Why is replacement value of assets

    Why is the replacement value of assets method not used generally to value complete businesses?
    The replacement value of assets method is not frequently applied to complete business valuations since it is frequently very hard to locate similar ass

  • Q : Clarify the duties of the financial

    Clarify the duties of the financial manager within a business firm.
    Financial managers measure the firm's performance, find out what the financial consequences will be if the firm maintains its present course or changes it, and suggest how the fi

  • Q : Explain Fund Condition Statement Fund

    Fund Condition Statement: A budget display, comprised in the Governor’s Budget, shortening the operations of a fund for the past, present, and budget years. The display comprises the starting balance, previous year adjustments, loans, revenue, t

  • Q : What is Minor Capital Outlay Minor

    Minor Capital Outlay: The construction projects or tools needed to finish a construction project, estimated to cost less than $600,000 bonus any escalation per Public Contract Code 10108.

  • Q : How does preemptive right secure

    How does a preemptive right secure the interests of present stockholders?
    A preemptive right secure the interests of existing stockholders through giving them the chance to preempt other investors into the purchase of new shares. If these right

  • Q : Influence of mergers on fees assessed

    What influence have mergers had on fees assessed for retail bank services?

    The effect is not clear. Market conditions and the level of competition often determine the cost for retail bank services.

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