marginal utility ratio

Marginal utility ratio

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  • Q : Effect of raising funds on rapidly

    Companies along with rapidly growing levels of sales do not require worrying about raising funds from outside the firm. Do you agree or disagree along with this statement? Describe.
    Disagree. Quickly growing firms require more assets to accom

  • Q : What is Fingerprint biometrics

    Fingerprint biometrics has basically three main application ground:

    • Large-scale Automated Finger Imaging System for law enforcement
    • Fraud prevention in entitlement programs
    • Access control for facilities or computers.

  • Q : What is Revenue Revenue : Any adding up

    Revenue: Any adding up to cash or other current assets which does not raise any liability or reserve and does not symbolize the reduction or recovery of expenditure (example, reimbursements or abatements). Revenues are a kind of receipt usually derive

  • Q : State statement of cash flows State

    State three major sections of the statement of cash flows?

    • Cash flows from investing activities
    • Cash flows from Operations
    • Cash flows from financing activities
    • Net change in cash balance
    • Cash balance at beginning of period

  • Q : Explain regulations Regulations: It is

    Regulations: It is a rule, order, or standard of common application issued by a state agency to interpret, implement, or make specific law enforced or managed by it, or to govern its measures. With state government, the procedure of adopting or modify

  • Q : Define Cost-of-Living Adjustments

    Cost-of-Living Adjustments (COLA): Increases offered in state-funded programs which comprise periodic adjustments predetermined in state law (statutory, like K-12 education apportionments), or established at optional levels (that is discretionary) by

  • Q : Companies benefit most from stronger

    What type of U.S. companies would benefit most from a stronger dollar in the foreign exchange market? Describe.
    U.S. companies which import goods from other countries would benefit from a stronger dollar. More units of foreign currency could b

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