marginal utility ratio

Marginal utility ratio

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  • Q : Define Price Increase Price Increase :

    Price Increase: Budget adjustment to reflect the inflation factors for particular operating expenses constant with the budget instructions from the Department of Finance.

  • Q : Increased common stock cash dividend

    Do you trust an increased common stock cash dividend can send any signal to the common stockholders? If so, what signal might it send?
    An increase in cash dividends is frequently seen as a positive signal. A company would be unlikely to raise

  • Q : Cyclical unemployment Suppose that in a

    Suppose that in a specific year the natural rate of unemployment is 5 percent and the actual rate of unemployment is 9 percent. Employ Okun's law to fin out the size of the GDP gap in percentage-point terms. If the nominal GDP is $500 billion in that year, how much ou

  • Q : Describe the bird in the hand theory of

    Describe the bird in the hand theory of cash dividends.
    The bird in the hand dividends theory says that dividends attained now are better than a promise of future dividends. Uncertainty is resolved while a dividend is paid.

  • Q : Describe the role of cash and of

    Describe the role of cash and of earnings while a corporation is deciding how much, if any, cash dividends to pay to common stockholders.
    In the long-run earnings are essential to maintain dividend payments; however at the time an actual dividen

  • Q : What do you mean by Authorized What do

    What do you mean by Authorized: Provided the force of law (example, by statute). For certain action or quantity to be authorized, it should be possible to recognize the enabling source and date of approval.

  • Q : Describe risk aversion Describe risk

    Describe risk aversion?
    Risk aversion is the tendency to ignore additional risk. Risk-averse people will ignore risk if they can, unless they attain additional compensation for letting that risk. In finance, the added compensation is a higher ex

  • Q : Assignments i want to write final state

    i want to write final state report. My state is Texas.