marginal utility ratio

Marginal utility ratio

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  • Q : Describe the role of cash and of

    Describe the role of cash and of earnings while a corporation is deciding how much, if any, cash dividends to pay to common stockholders.
    In the long-run earnings are essential to maintain dividend payments; however at the time an actual dividen

  • Q : What is Bond Funds Bond Funds : For

    Bond Funds: For legal basis budgeting aims, funds utilized to account for the receipt and disbursement of non-self liquidating common obligation bond proceeds. Such funds do not account for the debt retirement as the liability made by the sale of bond

  • Q : Decision rule using net present value

    Describe the decision rule for accepting or rejecting proposed projects while using net present value?
    While using the net present value decision rule any project along with a net present value greater than or equal to zero would be acceptable.

  • Q : Why do focusing on cash flows rather

    Why do we focus on cash flows rather than profits while evaluating proposed capital budgeting projects?
    We targeted on cash flows instead of profits while evaluating proposed capital budgeting projects since it is cash flow that changes the valu

  • Q : Define Overhead Unit Overhead Unit :

    Overhead Unit: The organizational unit which benefits the production of an article or a service however that can’t be directly related with an article or service to share out all of its expenditures to elements and/or work authorizations. The co

  • Q : Example-implicitly-weighed marginal

    Cite three example of recent decisions which you made in which you, at least implicitly, weighed marginal costs & marginal benefits.

  • Q : Disadvantages of the Finger print

    Disadvantages of the Finger print technique:

    • Health concerns while touching the sensor which is being touched by many number of individuals.
    • Sometimes due to age and occupation may cause some diff

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