marginal utility ratio

Marginal utility ratio

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  • Q : What are Staff Benefits Staff Benefits

    Staff Benefits: It is an object of expenditure symbolizing the state costs of contributions for employee’s retirement, health benefits, OASDI, and non-industrial disability leave advantages.

  • Q : Define Referendum Referendum: This is

    Referendum: This is the power of the electors to support or reject statutes or parts of statutes, with particular exceptions and meeting particular deadlines and number of voter’s signatures.

  • Q : Describe accumulated depreciation

    Describe accumulated depreciation?
    Depreciation is the allocation of an asset's primary cost over time. Accumulated depreciation is the sum of all the depreciation cost that has been identified to date.

  • Q : Explain Year of Budget Year of Budget

    Year of Budget (YOB): In this the fiscal year revenues and expenses are recognized. For revenues, this is usually the fiscal year whenever revenues are earned. For expenses, this is usually the fiscal year whenever obligations, compri

  • Q : What are the Changes in Authorized

    Changes in Authorized Positions (“Schedule 2”): This is a schedule in the Governor’s Budget which reflects staffing changes made following to the adoption of the present year budget and enacted legislation. This planned document modi

  • Q : Explain the investment opportunity

    Explain the investment opportunity schedule (IOS)? How does it help financial managers take business decisions?
    The investment opportunity schedule illustrates graphically proposed capital budgeting projects depicting the IRR and dollar amount

  • Q : Explain Transfers Transfers : As

    Transfers: As employed in Schedule 10Rs and fund situation statements, transfers replicate the movement of resources from one fund to the other based on statutory authorization or particular legislative transfer appropriation authority.