marginal utility ratio

Marginal utility ratio

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  • Q : Assignments i want to write final state

    i want to write final state report. My state is Texas.

  • Q : Pros and cons of commercial paper

    Describe pros and cons of commercial paper associated to bank loans for a company seeking short-term financing?
    Usually commercial paper is a cheaper source of short-term financing for a firm, compared to bank loans. Also, a larger amount of fu

  • Q : What are Salaries and Wages Supplement

    Salaries and Wages Supplement: The annual publication issued in a while after the Governor's Budget, including a summary of all positions by department, unit, and categorization for the past, present, and budget years, as of July 1 of the present year

  • Q : Describe benefits of collecting early

    Describe benefits of "collecting early" and how do companies effort to do this?
    Money contains time value. The sooner cash is gathered, the better. Companies employ regional collection centres and lock boxes to facilitate this.

  • Q : Describe the status of cyclically

    Assume the full-employment, non-inflationary level of real output is GDP3 (not GDP2). If the economy is operating at GDP2 instead of GDP3, describe the status of its cyclically adjusted budget? The status of its present fiscal polic

  • Q : Resolving ranking conflict Describe how

    Describe how to resolve a "ranking conflict" among the net present value and the internal rate of return. Why should the conflict be resolved as you described?
    Whenever there is a ranking conflict among net present value and internal rate of re

  • Q : Explain the term Continuous

    Continuous Appropriation: The constitutional or statutory expenses authorization that is renewed each year without additional legislative action. The amount obtainable might be particular, recurring sum each year; all or a specified part of the procee

  • Q : How are financial trades made in an

    How are financial trades made in an over the counter market?
    On the contrary to the organized exchanges that have physical locations, the over the counter market contain no fixed location, or more accurately, it is everywhere. The over the counte

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