Management as a profession

Illustrate Management as a profession?




The word Profession means a business for which skills and specialised knowledge are required.

Features of a profession are given below:-

(1)    Well defined body of knowledge: All the occupations are based on well-defined body of knowledge.

(2)    Restricted entry: The entry in each and every occupation is limited through examination or through some least informative qualification.

(3)    Professional Associations: Every occupations are associated to a skilled association which normalises frame code and entry of conduct relating to the occupation.

(4)    Ethical code of conduct: All occupations are assured by a code of conduct which can guides the activities of its associates.

(5)    Service Motive: The main aim of a profession is to serve its clients. Administrators doesn’t accomplish all the structures of a profession and thus it is not a full pledged profession.

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