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According to Martin and Steele (2010, p.13), “The two principal professional associations in Australia – CPA Australia (the CPA) and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (the Institute) have indicated their awareness of the significance of issues of sustainability reporting and development of appropriate skill sets in word and indeed. The commitment of both organisations to sustainability principles has been shown by their adoption of, and support for, sustainability-focused reporting approaches and by their opting to take up membership of the Accounting for Sustainability Forum”. Martin A and Steele F (2010) Sustainability in Key Professions: Accounting. A report prepared by the Australian Research Institute in Education for Sustainability for the Australian Government Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts. question: Discuss the way in which BHP Billiton has demonstrated its social and environmental accountability. NOTE: BHP has been publishing Sustainability Reports or alternatively Annual Health, Safety, Environment and Community Reports for over a decade.

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    Common Data Source: All of the programmatic and financial information available for the cost, budgetary, and financial accounting processes. This comprises all financial and much non-financial data, like environmental data, which are

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    Describe fluctuating capital of partners?

    Answer: Partner‘s capital is stated to be fluctuating if capital modifies with every transaction in the capital accou

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    Select the right answer of the question. If the economy has a standardized budget surplus, it means that: A) the public sector is exerting an expansionary impact on the economy. B) tax revenues would exceed government expenditures if full employment were achieved. C)

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    What do you mean by the term Comparability which is accounting information?

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    Go to the following webpage by clicking on the link or by copying and pasting the URL into your web browser:

    After opening the link, you will see a small cover page of the West Newsmagazine’s publication titled “Business Profiles&rdq

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    Answer: Partners' capital is state to be fixed if the capital of Partners remains unchanged except in the situation where

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    Differential Cost: The cost difference predicted when one course of action is adopted rather than others.

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