Major advantages of Corporations

Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. The major benefits of the corporate form of business comprise: (i) Limited liability of owners. (ii) Better access to the markets for financial capital. (iii) The corporation is not dissolved whenever a stockholder dies. (iv) All of the above are benefits of corporations.

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    In a purely competitive industry, it tends to be perfect price elasticity within the short run: (w) market demand curve. (x) market supply curve. (y) demand for the good by a single consumer. (z) demand curve facing a single firm.

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    The higher union wages would be least likely to pursue: (1) Higher union initiation fees. (2) Mandatory retirement programs

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    For this profit-maximizing brickyard the total revenue equals approximately: (i) $600 per day. (ii) $900 per day. (iii) $1200 per day. (iv) $1530 per day.

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