Lowest possible price in transaction Costs

Is the assertion such that "Everyone all the time buys everything at the lowest possible price" right? Have you paid more than you had to for any good yet, after permitting for all transaction costs?




No and yes, correspondingly. (Students will suggest the following sorts of illustrations that are refuted here.)

Illustration: After a search I purchased a Toro lawnmower of $450. The after that day similar mower was on sale for $375. So, did I pay too much?  At the instance you made the purchase the response was no. You had determined that prospective monetary savings from additional search would have exceeded the expected transaction costs acquired; this was cheapest at $450. Illustration: I can make popcorn at much lower monetary cost than its price into a theater. Refutation The cost of popcorn should be lower in the theater for those who buy this than would be the cost of going home to make this, and into the process, missing the movie.

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