long run supply

Illustrate and explain using diagrams, the difference between long run supply in a constant cost individual firm and industry and an increasing cost firm and industry.

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  • Q : Marginal revenue and monopoly For a

    For a nondiscriminating monopolist, the marginal revenue is: (w) identical to price. (x) always positive. (y) always less than price. (z) always greater than price.

    Hello guys I want your advice. P

  • Q : Charge price similar to marginal cost

    When a profit-maximizing monopolist who does not price discriminate charges a price equal to its marginal cost, this will: (w) minimize average cost and generate zero economic profit. (x) minimize average cost and gen

  • Q : Price elasticity beside horizontal

    Hey FRIEND I need your help for query as given below:

    The price elasticity beside a horizontal demand curve is constant at: (w) zero. (x) infinity. (y) 1. (z) -1.

    Can someone ex

  • Q : Calculating economic profit for first

    Assume that the banker is employed at an annual salary of $60,000. She as well has financial assets worth of $40,000 which earns $1,500 per year in interest. She too owns a commercial building that she rents out for $20,000 per year. Now assume that she quits this job

  • Q : Effect of average expected lifespan on

    When new medical technology raised the average expected lifespan through 10 years and people responded along with increases in their desires to have hefty “nest eggs” while they retire, it would be least probable to result into: (1) an inc

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    Assume that a firm with the market power in output market wishes to grow and that hiring more workers needs it to increase salaries 8 percent for all the workers. The output prices will most likely: (i) Increase 8 percent to cover the wage rise. (ii) Increase less tha

  • Q : Problem on Categories of Goods I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Problem on Categories of Goods. Please help me in the following question. The produced tangible good is termed as a: (i) Consumable. (ii) Service. (iii) Commodity. (iv) Utility.


  • Q : Critics of contribution standard of

    Critics of contribution standard of the income distribution often: (w) cite inequality as evidence of inequity. (x) assert which private individuals must not be capable to accumulate any assets. (y) believe charitable giving should be

  • Q : Ac illustrate a firm under monopolistic

    illustrate a firm under monopolistic competition?

  • Q : Problem regarding Minimum Wage Laws I

    I have a problem in economics on Problem regarding Minimum Wage Laws. Please help me in the following question. The consequence of minimum wage legislation on the teenagers has most likely been: (i) Greater unemployment. (ii) Greater employment. (iii) Full employment.

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