long run supply

Illustrate and explain using diagrams, the difference between long run supply in a constant cost individual firm and industry and an increasing cost firm and industry.

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  • Q : Price elasticity when total revenue

    Total revenue grows while the price of a good is cut when the price elasticity of: (w) demand exceeds the price elasticity of supply. (x) substitute goods is less than one. (y) supply is into a relatively elastic range. (z) demand is

  • Q : Describe Break Even Price Describe

    Describe Break Even Price in Economics for a purely competitive firm?

  • Q : Valuable human capital The maximum

    The maximum valuable human capital on the given list would be possessed by the person who: (1) Inherited a big deal of money. (2) Invested big sums on stock market. (3) Had an advanced degree in the music education. (4) Specialized as the medical doctor.

  • Q : Equality Standard of Income Distribution

    When the equality standard of income distribution were adopted: (w) people would be paid the values of their marginal products. (x) family incomes would be identical for families of all sizes. (y) poets and engineers would have the same incomes. (z) g

  • Q : Market Power-Monopsony Power-Demand for

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question.

    Siberian Software vends custom programs to multinational corporations. Its programs are coded in a remote region. In equilibrium, the Siberi

  • Q : Marginal Resource Costs The word

    The word ‘marginal resource costs’ or ‘marginal factor costs’ signifies to the: (1) Additional cost included in generating an additional resource. (2) Additional cost included in generating an additional unit of the resource. (3) Additional cos

  • Q : Individual taker in pure competition

    For a particular price taker: (w) price is uninfluenced by quantity. (x) total revenue is constant. (y) profit is constant. (z) consumer surplus is zero.

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  • Q : Help The problem of asymmetric

    The problem of asymmetric information is that: a) neither health care buyers nor providers are well-informed. b) health care providers are well-informed, but buyers are not. c) the outcomes of many complex medical procedures cannot be predicted. d) insurance companies are well-informed

  • Q : Normal accounting profits I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Normal accounting profits. Please help me in the following question. The normal accounting profits are considered by the economists to be: (i) Exploitation of the consumer. (ii) Evidence of monopoly power. (iii) Economic costs of the p

  • Q : Impact of economy according to price

    If price ceiling or price floor were removed what is the impact on the economy?