long run supply

Illustrate and explain using diagrams, the difference between long run supply in a constant cost individual firm and industry and an increasing cost firm and industry.

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  • Q : Nonlinear kinked demand curve Within

    Within this "kinked-demand curve" model, that firm views the demand curve this faces as the: (w) linear "kinked" demand curve aD2 for all prices. (x) linear "kinked" demand curve D1D1 for all prices. (y) nonlinear "kin

  • Q : Calculation of total fixed cost of a

    Hello friends I need your help to solve the problem that is given below:

    This firm's total fixed cost (TFC) can be calculated as area: (a) 0PeQ. (b) bPec. (c) aPed. (d) 0bcQ. (e) abcd.

    Q : Definition of Collective Bargaining The

    The procedure in which employers and unions agree to labor contracts which govern work arrangements is termed as: (i) Arbitration. (ii) Codependency. (iii) Bilateral monopoly. (iv) Joint profit maximization. (v) Collective bargaining.

    Q : Nondiscriminating monopolists in short

    Within short run equilibrium, there nondiscriminating monopolists will: (w) charge prices greater than their marginal costs. (x) produce outputs which maximize social welfare. (y) produce where their total revenues are maximized. (z)

  • Q : Long run equilibrium for purely

    When a purely competitive industry is into long run equilibrium, in that case for the typical firm: (a) P = FC = TC = MC = MR = AR = AC. (b) P = AR = MR = SRMC = SRAC = LRMC = LRAC. (c) pure economic profits reward especially effectiv

  • Q : Automation in unionized industries Can

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The higher union wages would be least probable to follow: (i) Tighter immigration policies. (ii) Obligatory retirement programs. (iii) High union initiation fees. (iv) More auto

  • Q : Minimum legal price in intersection of

    When a minimum legal price of a good is set below the intersection of the supply and demand curves there will be: (1) shortages and pressures for decreases in price. (2) pressures for increases in price and the emergence of black mark

  • Q : Minimum wage law for poor workers A

    A minimum wage law does NOT make pressures which tend to: (1) benefit high wage workers. (2) cause unemployment among unskilled workers. (3) uniformly help poor workers. (4) increase teenage unemployment. (5) foster discrimination.

    Q : Quantity sold of total revenue of pure

    Total revenue of a pure competitor is its quantity sold that is multiplied by its: (w) profit per unit. (x) price per unit. (y) average variable cost. (z) overhead cost per unit.

    Can someone explain/help me with be

  • Q : Labor Union Goals economically

    Economically, the labor unions can be thought of as the: (i) encouraging competition between the workers for jobs. (ii) Rising the flexibility of nominal wages. (iii) Attempts to cartelize and unite the individual sellers of labor. (iv) Having a goal of the minimum un

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