long run supply

Illustrate and explain using diagrams, the difference between long run supply in a constant cost individual firm and industry and an increasing cost firm and industry.

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  • Q : Estimating national income by

    Describe precautions to be taken in estimating national income by expenditure technique?

    Answer: The following precautions are to be taken while evaluating N.I. by

  • Q : Hike within the minimum legal wage

    Labor market advises that a hike within the minimum legal wage from $5 per hour to $8 per hour will decrease: (1) the crime rate by 3,000. (2) national unemployment rates. (3) employment among unskilled workers by approximately 1,500 positions. (4) th

  • Q : Problem on demand of rising exports

    Meager Russian grain harvests during the year 2001 led to increasing exports of U.S. grain to Russia, that symbolized a raise in the: (1) Demand for Russian grain. (2) Supply of U.S. grain. (3) Supply of Russian grain. (4) Demand for the U.S. grain.

    Q : Unregulated monopoly economic efficiency

    Mainly economists object to unregulated monopoly primarily since: (w) economies of large scale operation may be attained. (x) technological advance may be fostered. (y) economic efficiency would be promoted. (z) economic efficiency may be decreased.

  • Q : Types of elasticity of supply Types of

    Types of elasticity of supply:

    There are five kinds of elasticity of supply:

    1. Perfectly elastic supply:

    Q : Graphical explanation of production

    The production possibilities frontier graphically demonstrates the: (i) Production limitations which confront the society. (ii) Benefits inherent in the capitalistic economy. (iii) Social selections available if technology is boundless. (iv) Structura

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    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The group least likely to be helped by the minimum wage law is: (1) African-American teenagers. (2) Experienced construction workers. (3) Skilled industrial workers. (4) Members

  • Q : Competitive industry widespread

    When a competitive industry experiences widespread economic profits into the short run, in that case in the long run: (w) new firms will enter and prices will fall. (x) entry barriers will be erected. (y) resource costs must fall. (z) dominant firms b

  • Q : Minimal Materials in Relative Poverty

    After the minimal materials essential for survival are attained, poverty becomes: (w) an absolute concept. (x) more prevalent in North America than elsewhere. (y) measured by the income level required to meet minimal psychological needs. (z) a relativ

  • Q : Spending pattern in Substitution Effects

    I have a problem in economics on spending pattern in Substitution Effects. Please help me in the following question. Even when your real income were held steady by adjusting for price modifications, your spending pattern would react to modifications in relative prices

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