long run supply

Illustrate and explain using diagrams, the difference between long run supply in a constant cost individual firm and industry and an increasing cost firm and industry.

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  • Q : Surety of good market information for

    The assumption about buyers and sellers has good market information makes sure that they: (w) know everything. (x) never make errors. (y) can foretell the future. (z) won’t pay more than they have to, or sell for less than the market price.

  • Q : Indication of Lorenz Curves The Lorenz

    The Lorenz curve gives an indication of: (w) the poverty rate. (x) dead end poverty. (y) relative poverty. (z) post-transfer poverty.

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  • Q : Prevent entry and set production A

    A strategy probable to make a cartel successful would be for cartel members to: (w) give slightly differentiated outputs. (x) stagger the amounts by which they raise prices. (y) prevent entry and set production quotas which are enforceable. (z) mainta

  • Q : Shutting down the average expected

    All firms will shut down when the average expected revenue by selling output fails to exceed expected: (w) average total cost. (x) marginal cost. (y) average fixed cost. (z) average variable costs.

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  • Q : State the meaning of Inflationary Gap

    State the meaning of Inflationary Gap: This refers to the amount by which the real aggregate demand exceeds the level of aggregate demand needed to establish full employment equilibrium.

  • Q : Maximizing satisfaction In a vague

    In a vague world, people are supposed to maximize their satisfaction through: (1) Finding in advance the mixture of goods which maximizes utility and then purchasing this mixture. (2) The procedure of trial and error. (3) Taking marginal decisions till disutility stop

  • Q : Total revenue of profit maximizing firm

    If this profit-maximizing firm as in given figure can’t price discriminate, in that case its total revenue will equal to: (w) $90,000 per month. (x) $112,000 per month. (y) $60,000 per month. (z) $120,0000 per m

  • Q : Free Trade Agreement Tell me the answer

    Tell me the answer of this question. Critics of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) falsely feared that it would: A) increase the flow of illegal Mexican immigrants to the United States. B) cause the European Union and Japan to raise trade barriers against

  • Q : Decrease in demand determinants The

    The reduction in demand accompanies all of the following apart from: (i) Expectations of better accessibility or excesses. (ii) Declines in the price of substitute. (iii) Rises in the number of buyers. (iv) Negative modifications in preferences and ta

  • Q : Right-to-Work Laws-agency shop I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Right-to-Work Laws-agency shop. Please help me in the given question. In states with right-to-work laws, non-union members can’t ‘free-ride’ when the union negotiates a/an: (1) Closed shop. (2) Open shop. (3) Union sh