long run supply

Illustrate and explain using diagrams, the difference between long run supply in a constant cost individual firm and industry and an increasing cost firm and industry.

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  • Q : Determine points where is most price

    Of all of the known ranges on given supply curves, the supply of tanks of dehydrated water is most price elasticity among: (i) point a and point b. (ii) point b and point c. (iii) point c and point d. (iv) point d and point e. (v) point e and point f.

    Q : Are you being charged too much for

    This exercise inspects the higher prices charged in UK for music downloads as compared to the rest of Europe.

  • Q : Increase total revenue by increasing

    A monopolist can raise total revenue by increasing output when: (w) demand is elastic. (x) demand is inelastic. (y) demand is unitarily elastic. (z) supply is perfectly elastic.

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  • Q : Question on tax payer New agricultural

    New agricultural program named as the Payment-in-Kind Program is introduced by the Reagan Administration, in the year of 1983. In order to distinguish how the program performed, consider the wheat market. Had the government not given the whea

  • Q : Absolute value of demand slope Since

    Since the price drop/falls and quantity demanded rises all along this demand curve for pizza, the absolute value of slope will be: (1) Is constant and elasticity falls. (2) Elasticity are constant. (3) Drop/falls and elasticity is constant. (4) Elasti

  • Q : Pricing for profit-car parking The

    The owner of a city centre car park desires to know the best price to charge for parking throughout office hours on weekdays. On a usual weekday, the car park is at present only half full.

  • Q : Quantity demanded of good What cause do

    What cause do heterodox economists employ to argue that the quantity demanded of good is a not a function of its price but of the family’s (consumer’s) income? And also discuss, For heterodox economists, household choice is not regarding maximizing utility

  • Q : Stream of Present Value of Annual Income

    The present value of an annual income stream which goes onto forever is: (w) infinite. (x) zero. (y) the annual income multiplied through the interest rate. (z) the annual income divided through the interest rate.

  • Q : International federal or agreements and

    Consider goods for that various people are willing and capable to pay much more than the costs of production therefore widespread shortages exist. International federal or agreements, state and local laws as well as regulations are probably key factor

  • Q : Feature of pure competition NOT a

    NOT a feature of pure competition would be: (w) identical products of firms. (x) long-run freedom of entry and exit. (y) large numbers of sellers and buyers. (z) price making behavior by individual firms.

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