Long run adjustments

The resources of a firm in the long run which has consistently suffered economic losses are probably to: (i) move into a more profitable industry. (ii) share losses equal to the firm’s fixed costs. (iii) be merged into a firm along with better management. (iv) generate lower incomes than comparable resources in other industries. (v) differentiate their products through advertising.

Can anybody suggest me the proper explanation for given problem regarding Economics generally?

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  • Q : Monopsony Power and Demand for Labor

    When wage discrimination is not possible for first 40 workers then this profit-maximizing firm hires, however it can wage discriminate perfectly whenever hiring all the subsequent workers, it hires a net of: (i) Forty workers at an average wage of the

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    In the United States, a mainstream of those living below “the poverty line”: (1) have televisions, automobiles, main appliances, and other amenities possessed only by the wealthy [when anyone] in earlier times and nowadays, only by the wea

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    The marginal utility (MU) of a good: (1) Was first introduced by Adam Smith. (2) Is simply measured in dollars. (3) Is determined by society as an entire. (4) Reflects subjective preferences.

    Can someone help me in getting through

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    In an uncertain globe, people are supposed to try to make best use of their satisfaction by: (1) Determining in advance the mixture of goods that maximizes the utility and then purchasing this mix. (2) The procedure of trial and error. (3) Making marginal decisions ti

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    A Lorenz curve is graphical device which can be utilized to portray the: (w) number of people below the poverty level. (x) conflict between high tax rates and high tax revenues. (y) relative inequalities in the distribution of a variable across a popu

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    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. The enormously high profits of big corporations are: (1) Incentives which attract the competition by other firms. (2) Immune to the business cycles. (3) Mainly due to the corporate manipulatio

  • Q : What is the meaning of ex-ante savings

    Meaning of ex-ante savings: Ex-ante savings are expected savings or planned savings.

  • Q : Concentration ratio Explain the concept

    Explain the concept of a concentration ratio.  Is the concentration ratio in a monopolistically competitive industry likely to be higher than for a perfectly competitive industry

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    Which of the following below goods produces the greatest consumer surplus? (1) Free downloading to pirate your favorite songs. (2) Diamonds. (3) Water. (4) College textbooks. (5) Slices of the pizza.

    Choose the right answer from th

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    is the price in the law of demand an absolute price or a relative price

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