Living and non-living reservoirs

Explain what are the living and nonliving reservoirs?




Viruses are considered as both living as well as non-living. They have reservoirs of genes. A single nucleotide is defined as the unit of gene. Viral genes make the use of host raw material (non-living elements/organic moieties/ water etc.,) involving the components to synthesize the organic molecules or macromolecules. Consequently, viruses replicate themselves thus reproduced within the living cells. On crystallization, they become non-living and can stay in this state for years until they enter again into the living host to multiply. Particular plant viruses are transmitted to the progeny through the seeds. Viruses are evolved as any other living being. Thus, now virus names are written in the italics such as binomial/trinomial names similar to the scientific name of any other living organism that is, Tobacco mosaic virus.

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