Limitation in Lorenz curve

A Lorenz Curve cannot be used to demonstrate scientifically how the: (w) income is distributed among members of society. (x) wealth is distributed in between members of society. (y) taxes alter the distribution of income. (z) income must be distributed fairly.

Hello guys I want your advice. Please recommend some views for above Economics problems.

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  • Q : Increase total revenue by increasing

    A monopolist can raise total revenue by increasing output when: (w) demand is elastic. (x) demand is inelastic. (y) demand is unitarily elastic. (z) supply is perfectly elastic.

    Can someone explain

  • Q : Elasticity of supply when product

    Since the supply of land is fixed, then the: (w) demand for land is absolutely horizontal. (x) supply of land is completely elastic. (y) demand for land is absolutely vertical. (z) supply of land is perfectly inelastic.

    Q : Pricing for profit-car parking The

    The owner of a city centre car park desires to know the best price to charge for parking throughout office hours on weekdays. On a usual weekday, the car park is at present only half full.

  • Q : Why economic problems occur Why

    Why economic problems occur?

    Answer: This is due to unlimited or infinite wants and inadequate resources.

  • Q : Possibility of price discrimination

    Price discrimination is not possible when: (w) arbitrage is impossible. (x) all consumers have identical demand curves for the good. (y) firms are not price takers. (z) products are differentiated.

    Please choose th

  • Q : Analytic time in the market period In

    In the market period: (w) price is constant. (x) output is constant. (y) supply is horizontal. (z) supply is completely elastic.

    Please guys help to solve this problem of Economics with some explan

  • Q : Operating in the short run The computer

    The computer hard disk manufacturer can make a decision how many people to hire and how many supplies to purchase however can’t change the size of factory. This organization is: (1) Operating in short run. (2) Operating in long run. (3) Vertically integrated. (4

  • Q : Freedom of entry and exit Typical firms

    Typical firms in an industry can’t expect to produce economic profit in the long run when the industry has: (1) decreasing costs of production as the number of firms in the industry changes. (2) market demand exceeding the minimum average variab

  • Q : Price elasticity of demand when price

    When P = $10 for Tiny Tee-shirts, and Q = 20, but when P = $5, Q = 25. The price elasticity of demand for Tiny Tee-shirts of: (w) 3.0. (x) 1/3. (y) 1/2. (z) 21.

    Can anybody suggest me the proper explanation for giv

  • Q : Problem on Substitution Effect The cost

    The cost of cashmere plummets and most of the people start employing this once costly material as pillow covers and to knit sweaters for their pets. This is an illustration of: (i) The income effect. (ii) The change in preferences and taste. (iii) The law of diminishi

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