Laissez Faire or Free Rein Leader

Illustrate what do you mean by Laissez Faire or Free Rein Leader? Also explain when should laissez faire/free rein leadership be applied?




A free rein leader provides complete freedom to the dependents. Such a leader avoids use of power. He largely depends upon the collection to establish its own goals and work out its own problems. As per their own choice and capability group members work themselves. The leader occurs as a contact man with the outsiders to bring information and the resources the group requires for accomplishing the job.

NOTE: This is also said to be laissez faire that means no interference in the affairs of others. [French: laissesz means to let / allow and faire means to do.0020

Laissez faire/free rein leadership should applied when:-

a. Followers are very knowledgeable, trained and polished.

b. Followers have pride in their work and the drive to do it successfully on their own.

c. Outside specialists such as staff specialists or consultants are being used.

d. Trustworthy and Experienced Followers.

This style should NOT be used when:

1. Followers feel insecure at the unavailability of a leader.

2. The leader cannot or will not provide regular feedback to their followers.

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