Related Questions in Microeconomics

  • Q : Minimum wage laws for graduates students

    Casual surveys of students at the starting of each semester reveal an amused although overwhelming maintain for a proposal to increase the legal minimum wages of graduates from college to $50,000 yearly. They supposed our proposal was facetious. But a

  • Q : Increment in quantity demanded by price

    A demand curve has a slope which would be expressed as like $5/ (1 extra ton demanded) when a: (w) 5 % price cut raises quantity demanded by 1 %. (x) $5 price cut increases quantity demanded by 2000 lbs. (y) $5 price hike boosts quantity supplied by 2

  • Q : Define feature of perfectly inelastic

    A perfectly inelastic demand curve: (w) is an imaginary mathematical construct, and does not exist within reality. (x) corresponds to a perfectly horizontal line. (y) represents a good which absorbs only a small portion of consumers’ budgets. (z

  • Q : Problem related to Profits and Losses

    Economists generally suppose that the firms behave rationally to make the most of: (1) Employment. (2) The community’s economic welfare. (3) Workers’ satisfaction. (4) Gains.

    Can someone please help me in finding out th

  • Q : Define autonomous investment Autonomous

    Autonomous investment: Investment that is made up without depending on the gain of the enterprise.

  • Q : Market demands in short run Can someone

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. In short run, the market demands are: (1) Stimulated if resource costs increase. (2) Simply estimated employing aggregate data. (3) Positively associated to the

  • Q : Determine unskilled labor for minimum

    A minimum legal wage of $5 per hour in this market for unskilled labor would: (w) have no effect on employment or the wages paid. (x) create new jobs for 3,000 unskilled workers. (y) move some low-skilled workers above the poverty line. (z) create une

  • Q : Describe "in-market" mergers Describe

    Describe "in-market" mergers?
    An in-market merger is one which takes place among two banks operating in the similar geographic area, normally a city or metropolitan area. The merged institution frequently ends up with more than one branch in the

  • Q : Problem on price mark up A company

    A company consists $27 per unit in variable costs and $1,000,000 annually in fixed costs. Demand is predicted to be 100,000 units annually. Determine the price if a markup of 40% on total cost is used to determine the price?

  • Q : Shift in demand curve Describe the

    Describe the differences between shifts in demand and movements along the demand curve. What are the main factors which can shift the demand curve? Explain why they cause the demand curve to shift. Use examples and draw graphs to supp

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