Inventory management system in UML

Mini-Case The Hatcher Company is in the process of developing a new inventory management system. One of the event handling processes in that system is Receive Supplier Shipments. The (inexperienced) systems analyst on the project has spent time in the warehouse observing this process and developed the following list of activities that are performed: getting the new order in the warehouse, unpacking the boxes, making sure that all the ordered items were actually received, putting the items on the correct shelves, dealing with the supplier to reconcile any discrepancies, adjusting the inventory quantities on hand, and passing along the shipment information to the accounts payable office. He also created the accompanying Level 1 data flow diagram for this process. Unfortunately, this DFD has numerous syntax and semantic errors. Identify the errors. Redraw the DFD to more correctly represent the receive supplier shipments process. Create a level 1 DFD for the most complicated cases

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