Introduction of the term GMAW

Provide a brief introduction of the term GMAW?




Gas Metal Arc Welding is a welding technique more usually referred to as MIG or GMAW welding.

Usually employed in the automotive and sheet metal companies, GMAW can be a semi-automatic or automatic procedure. GMAW offers high quality welds at a less cost to the manufacturer.

This arc welding application feeds a GMAW metal unpreserved electrode and shielding gas throughout the welding gun. An electrical current travels down the strikes and electrode the arc among the metal being welded as well as the wire electrode.

The benefits of GMAW consist of:

Speed - GMAW is a speedy welding application

User-friendly - This welding approach is simple to establish and execute.

Cheap - GMAW equipment tends to be more reasonable and more accessible than other welding tools.

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