international monetary system

how does adquate liquidity ensures a good international monetary sustem

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    What is super hedging?

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    Should you place all your money in a stock which has low risk but also low expected return, or one along with high expected return but that is far riskier or maybe divide your money among the two?

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    A firm is evaluating two mutually exclusive projects that have unequal lives. Evaluate the projects using the equivalent annual annuity approach (EAA), recommend which project they should select. The firm's cost of capital has been determined to be 18 percent, and the projects have the following i

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    How is a Sharpe ratio maximized?

    Answer: Choosing the portfolio which maximizes the Sharpe ratio, will provide you the Market Portfolio.

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    How is the risk into portfolio measured in Crash Metrics?

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    Why might it be easier for an investor wishing to diversify his portfolio internationally to purchase depository receipts instead of the actual shares of the company?
    A depository receipt can be purchased on the investor's domestic exchange. It

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    What will be the effect on riskiness of a portfolio if assets with negative correlations (even very low correlations) are taken together?

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    Rs. Sales 2,40,000 Variable costs 1,44,000 Fixed costs 26,000 Profit before tax 70,000 Rate of tax 40% Firm is proposing to buy the new plant that could generate extra annual profit of Rs. 10,000. The fixed cost of new plant is expected to Rs. 4000. New plant would increase sales volume by Rs. 40,00

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    What is Put–Call Parity?