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  • Q : Problem of dockworkers on hiking the pay

    When you were in the ski boat business, your net revenues from selling given numbers of boats would be least influenced by: (i) Govt. increasing fees for boat licenses. (ii) Rises in prices for jet skis. (iii) Pay hikes for dock-workers. (iv) Vacation

  • Q : Profit-maximizing level of output When

    When LoCalLoCarbo, the favorite corporation of fad dieters, produces adequate output to minimize its average total costs that will: (1) produce more than the profit-maximizing level of output. (2) concurrently minimize its average variable cost. (3) p

  • Q : Accountability process by Handel

    Elucidate what the following statement by handel means and give an argument to either support or  oppose the contention.

    Things might be exist independently of our accounts, however they have no human existence  until the

  • Q : Buying and selling cost in monetary

    Additionally to monetary prices, there the costs of buying and selling comprise: (w) wage payments. (x) monopoly profits. (y) transaction costs. (z) social benefits.

    How can I solve my economics pr

  • Q : Marginal Utility-Consuming extra unit

    The satisfaction gained from consuming an additional unit of the good is: (1) Always diminishing. (2) Its marginal utility. (3) Objectively measurable. (4) Equivalent to one util.

    Choose the right answer from the above options.

  • Q : Market hypotheses Efficient market

    Efficient market hypotheses:

    a) Weak-form efficient market hypothesis: It assumes that current stock prices reflect all security market information including the historical sequence of prices, rates of return, trad

  • Q : Earning income within negative income

    Under the negative income tax system demonstrated in this figure, a family of four along with no earned income would have a net as after-tax, the income of: (1) $15,000 per year. (2) $10,000 per year. (3) $5,000 per year. (4) $2,500 per year. (5) $0 p

  • Q : Resource prices Refer to the following

    Refer to the following diagrams, in which AD1 and AS1 are the "before" curves and AD2 and AS2 are the "after" curves. Other things equal, a decrease in resource prices is depicted by:1) panel (A) only. 2) panel (B) only. 3)

  • Q : Long-run supply curve in industry When

    When Christmas trees are a constant cost industry and such firm is typical, in that case the industry’s long-run supply curve is curve that is: (w) A. (x) B. (y) C. (z) E.

    Q : Demand for Labor and Monopsony Power

    When wage discrimination is not likely for the first 40 workers this profit-maximizing firm hires, however it can wage discriminate absolutely whenever hiring all the subsequent workers, it hires a net of: (1) 40 workers at average wage of $700 per week per worker. (2

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