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  • Q : Ratio to determine income elasticity of

    The income elasticity of demand [at a specified price] is computed by the ratio of the relative: (a) change in quantity demanded over a given proportional change in income. (b) reciprocal of the price elasticity of supply. (c) slope of the demand curv

  • Q : Firms demand for labor Assume that the

    Assume that the international auto industry has become monopolistically competitive and you run a small automaker. The events which would not directly influence your firm’s demand for labor comprise: (i) Sales of your company’s most admired car unexpectedl

  • Q : Define tax Tax : It is a compulsory

    Tax: It is a compulsory payment prepared by household and firm to government.

  • Q : Structure conduct performance paradigm

    From about 1890 till 1970, the “structure-conduct-performance paradigm” dominated theories concerning how firms behave in various kinds of markets. The word “conduct” in this context refers to these things as: (i) decisions by

  • Q : Negatively slope of demand curve

    When the demand curve for a firm’s product is negatively sloped into the short run, in that case the firm: (i) operates in a purely or perfectly competitive market. (ii) experiences economies of scale in its production function. (iii) will face

  • Q : Nominal interest rates in market

    Nominal interest rates are most largely and directly determined within markets for: (1) loanable funds. (2) newly issued stock. (3) foreign exchange. (4) securitized assets. (5) long term government bonds.

    Please c

  • Q : Relatively elastic of demand in

    While a price hike yields a decline within total revenue, in that case the demand faced through the producing firm: (w) relatively elastic. (x) relatively inelastic. (y) unitarily elastic. (z) inferior.

    Can anybody

  • Q : Supply of labor at different wage rates

    The time people are willing and capable to work at different wage rates throughout a given period is termed as the: (1) supply of labor. (2) labor force participation rate. (3) marginal product of labor. (4) labor theory of value.

    Q : Effect of reducing prices on

    Can someone help me in finding out the accurate answer from the given options. People tend to recognize more ways to employ a good if the: (1) The prices of substitute goods drop. (2) Good is poorer and their incomes increase. (3) Complements of good become more costl

  • Q : Controlling costs in the short run

    Executives at the helms of monopolies that may pay little attention to controlling costs within the short run, but during the long run the monopoly will tend to be operated into a technically efficient fashion since: (w) the firm will

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