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  • Q : Strategy of labor union goals The

    The strategy most probable to outcome the maximum wages and employment and the greatest economic clout for all the workers over long run would be for the union to: (1) Restrict entry to a specific occupation. (2) Boycott non-unionized firms which compete with the unio

  • Q : Price equality to marginal costs A

    A nondiscriminating monopolist's equilibrium output is inconsistent along with: (w) marginal revenue equals marginal cost [MR = MC]. (x) price equal to marginal costs [P = MC]. (y) price exceeding average variable costs [P > AVC]. (z) price exceedi

  • Q : High relative income define by Census

    The Department of the Census defines high relative income as experienced while families: (w) earn more than $60,000 annually per worker in the family. (x) have income which is twice the median incomes of other American families. (y) e

  • Q : Quantity demanded in Substitution

    I have a problem in economics on Quantity demanded in Substitution process. Please help me in the following question. The sales growth resultant from price cuts for a good reflects rises in: (i) Quantity demanded. (ii) Demand. (iii) Quantity supplied.

  • Q : Equality Standard of Income Distribution

    When the equality standard of income distribution were adopted: (w) people would be paid the values of their marginal products. (x) family incomes would be identical for families of all sizes. (y) poets and engineers would have the same incomes. (z) g

  • Q : Define regressive in taxes as

    Line T2 depicts as in below graph a tax system which is: (i) progressive. (ii) recessive. (iii) proportional. (iv) biased. (v) regressive.

    Q : Price ceilings causes shortages of a

    When price ceilings cause shortages of a good in that case the good tends to be: (1) replaced by substitutes by many consumers. (2) allocated by several non price mechanism. (3) more valuable to consumers than the money prices charged

  • Q : Public Goods and Service Why does a

    Why does a good or service become a public good or service?

  • Q : Features of Monopoly Features of

    Features of Monopoly:

    A) A Single seller
    B) No close replacement available.
    C) No freedom for entry of new firms.
    D) Possibility of price discrimination.

  • Q : How is TVC derived from MC How is TVC

    How is TVC derived from MC?

    Answer: TVC = Sigma MC

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