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  • Q : Illustrations of monopoly power The

    The best illustrations of monopoly power in the United States are possibly: (w) local public utility companies. (x) state university systems. (y) the national TV networks. (z) national defense firms.

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  • Q : Measure Liquidity An asset’s associate

    An asset’s associate “liquidity” is inversely measured through the: (w) transaction costs in dealing within the asset as a proportion of the market price of the asset. (x) time it takes to convert this to cash. (y) “backing&rdq

  • Q : Vertical Integration-Controlling

    The firm is vertically integrated when it: (1) Consists of an internationally recognized brand name. (2) Promotes career staffs to executive positions rather than hiring the experienced outsiders. (3) Merges with another firm which sells unrelated products. (4) Monopo

  • Q : Monopsonist-Wage discriminate Compared

    Compared with the price taker in labor market, the monopsonist which can’t wage discriminate will: (i) Hire more labor at any specified wage. (ii) Hire less labor at any wage. (iii) Pay a higher wage for any specified quantity of labor. (iv) Hire more prolific l

  • Q : Long-run economic losses in a

    Expectations of long-run economic losses within a competitive industry as: (1) inevitably follow “cut throat” pricing policies. (2) cause firms to leave the industry. (3) increase each firm’s long-run fixed costs. (4) create pressure

  • Q : Determine demands for relatively price

    When technological advances within agriculture generate bumper crops of farm products for that demands are relatively price inelastic, in that case the: (w) average income of farmers will decline relative to per capita income for the

  • Q : A legal price floor and revenues Assume

    Assume that the U.S. wheat market is firstly into equilibrium on S0D0. Now assume the government institutes a legal price floor at P3 per bushel of wheat. When the government does nothing else, one outcome will be such

  • Q : Present Value of Capitalization The

    The present value of $1000 two years by now is: (w) $1000. (x) greater than $1000. (y) less than the present value of $1000 one year by currently. (z) $1,210.

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  • Q : Area of Loren Curve This function as in

    This function as in illustrated figure area between A and B is termed as a/an: (1) index of inequality. (2) Lorenz curve. (3) Pareto indicator. (4) Gini coefficient. (5) Marx-Engels curve.

    Q : Market Supplies of Labor I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Market Supplies of Labor. Please help me in the following question. In long run, the labor supply curve facing the major industry: (i) Will always be positively associated to the wage rate. (ii) Will slope upward if and only if individ

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