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  • Q : The Demand for Loanable Funds An

    An increase during the demand for loanable funds will be mirrored through: (1) an increase in the supply of bonds. (2) a decrease into the interest rate. (3) a lower subjective internal rate of discount through typical savers. (4) a reduction in the f

  • Q : Firms sanctioned by state laws I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Firms sanctioned by state laws. Please help me in the following question. The Firms sanctioned by state laws and considered lawful entities separate and dissimilar from their owners are: (1) Proprietorships. (2) Corpor

  • Q : Increasing return to a factor Describe

    Describe the likely behaviour of total product beneath the phase of increasing return to a factor.

  • Q : Determine the relationship among APC

    Determine the relationship among APC and APS?

    Answer: APC + APS = 1.

  • Q : Preferance of food after income rises

    Assume that, for you, lobster is an ordinary good and peanut butter is a poorer good. When your income increases, you will probably consume: (1) Greater of both goods. (2) Less of both goods. (3) Greater peanut butter and less lobster. (4) Greater lobster and less pea

  • Q : Example of determining new equilibrium

    As per such supply and demand curves for peanuts, there is the: (w) demand for peanuts has fallen. (x) price rises to P1 due to better peanut technology. (y) production of peanuts was initially Q0. (z) new equilibrium price of pe

  • Q : Substitution effects resulting from

    The Law of Demand mainly relies heavily on the: (1) Buying power consequences of relative price modifications. (2) Substitution effect resultant from the relative price changes. (3) Increase in opportunity costs as income is worn out. (4) Principle of the non satiety.

  • Q : Price charging equality to marginal cost

    Within the short run, a price-maker firm along with important market power but that cannot price discriminate is unable to concurrently maximize profit and: (i) charge a price equal to marginal cost. (ii) minimize average total cost. (iii) produce out

  • Q : Influence of good on opportunity cost

    The law of demand defines that, all as well constant, consumers will obtain: (i) More of a good, the lower its opportunity cost. (ii) Less of any good, higher the prices of its substitutes. (iii) Advertised goods more often than generic products. (iv) Greater luxuries

  • Q : Problem on Consumer Sovereignty The

    The phrase ‘dollar votes’ refers to the consumers: (1) Voting patterns in the national elections. (2) Recognizing what goods are produced. (3) Each containing an equivalent says about what is generated. (4) Being subservient to big firms.

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