Interest rate falls by liquidity

When households shift by an emphasis on cash into their portfolios and more stocks and bonds since they have become more willing to hold less liquid assets, in that case the: (w) interest rate rises. (x) present value of future income falls. (y) interest rate falls. (z) stock market will crash.

Can anybody suggest me the proper explanation for given problem regarding Economics generally?

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    The demand for labor will shift because of changes in all of the given except: (w) prices of other resources. (x) prices of output. (y) MPP (z) wages.

    Hello guys I want your advice. Please recommend some views for

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    Predictable results of unexpected development of demand for a competitively produced good comprise increases and in that case gradual decreases in the: (w) price of the good and the profits of producers. (x) consumer surplus derived from the good. (y)

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    Economic rent is: (w) income received by a factor owner in excess of the social opportunity cost of supplying the resource. (x) the difference between a firm’s revenues and the sum of the fixed and variable costs of production. (y) a form of eco

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    Total fixed costs for such profit-maximizing firm equivalent: (1) 0bcq1. (2) 0adq2. (3) 0Peq2. (4) aPed. (5) Can't be measured in illustrated figure.

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    Assume that this market is initially within equilibrium along with a supply of funds consequent to S0 and a demand for loanable funds consequent to I1. When the U.S. Department of the Treasury be

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    A firm which realizes an economic profit in the short run will carry on generating economic profits in the long run only when: (i) it maximizes economic revenue. (ii) barriers to entry prevent entry from rival firms. (iii) its managers minimize princi

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    LoCalLoCarbo has turn into the favorite of fad dieters. Therefore in illustrated figure there curve C shows: (1) LoCalLoCarbo’s marginal cost curve. (2) LoCalLoCarbo’s average variable cost curve. (3) LoCalLoCarbo’s average total cost curve. (4) the

  • Q : Why economic problems occur Why

    Why economic problems occur?

    Answer: This is due to unlimited or infinite wants and inadequate resources.

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