Instances of cloud architectures

Specify the instances of the cloud architectures where the application may run.




There exist lot of examples which utilizes the cloud architecture for their applications such as:

a) Processing Pipelines

It uses similar document processing pipelines which transform the documents of any form into the raw searchable text.

i) Image processing pipelines: Build the thumbnails or low resolution image.

ii) Video transcoding pipelines: Transform the video from one form to other online.

-Indexing: Form an index of web crawl data.

-Data mining: Carry out the search over the millions of records.

b) Batch Processing Systems

i) Systems which utilizes the log management or produces the reports.

ii) Automated Unit testing and Deployment Testing.

c) Websites

i) Instant Websites: Websites for conferences or the events.

ii) Promotion websites.

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