Immunology homework

Could you please provide the solution for the homework attached and the answers should be in detail.

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  • Q : Define Pharynx Define Pharynx: Pharynx

    Define Pharynx: Pharynx is a general passage for air and food. The pharynx is divisible into oropharynx, naso-pharynx, and laryngeal pharynx.

  • Q : Pluricellular organisms-serial

    From zygote, pluricellular organisms are formed by the serial mitosis. Would this formation be probable if each cell made by the mitosis had an identical life concerning its antecedent cells? How did evolution solve that difficulty?

  • Q : Membrane-delimited nucleus Bacteria are

    Bacteria are prokaryotic cells, that is, they do not boast a membrane-delimited nucleus. Eukaryotes encompass cells with a delimited nucleus. Where in such kinds of cells can DNA are found?

  • Q : Explain the pollination Explain the

    Explain the pollination? Specify the main forms of the pollination?

  • Q : Define the term circulation Define the

    Define the term circulation?

    Answer: The Circulation is a movement of substances such as nutrients and gases in blood vessels and cavities all through the organism.<

  • Q : Significance of brain evolved from

    How the significance of brain evolved from fishes to the reptiles?

  • Q : Types of studio State the types of

    State the types of studio?

  • Q : Factors Influencing immunogenicity What

    What are the factors which influence the immunogenicity?

  • Q : Punctuated|Equilibrium Model-Group -

    Temporary groups with deadlines do not seem to follow the previous model. Studies indicate that they have their own unique sequencing of action (or inaction):

    I.            Their first meeting sets the group's direction.


  • Q : Need Motivation Theory- Motivation -

    The need theories of work motivation attempt to determine what it is that motivates people at work. The content theorists are concerned with identifying the need/drives that people have and how these need/drives are prioritized. They are concerned with the types of incentives or goals that people

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