Illustrations of economic bads included

How can determine where would be illustrations of economic “bads” included. Please suggest me the accurate answer: (i) loud stereo systems,. (ii) beautiful sunsets caused through high levels of air pollution, (iii) golf courses built upon abandoned garbage dumps, (iv) video games which absorb so much time which you don’t study adequately and (v) air pollution which makes sunsets breathtakingly beautiful.

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  • Q : Example of Relative Price Suppose a

    Suppose a deluxe hamburger is $5, an Oreo blizzard is $3, and a soda is $1. Then the relative price of the hamburger is: (a) 1.6 blizzards. (b) four sodas and half of a blizzard. (c) two blizzards. (d) a blizzard and one soda.

    Q : Price Specie-Flow Mechanism-early

    The equation ΔMV is equal to ΔPQ while real GDP (which is adjusted for inflation), is fixed is a modern method to distinguish: (w) Adam Smith’s labor theory of value. (x) Francois Quesnay’s circular flow model. (y) Roberto Mich

  • Q : Entails of a technical approach to

    A technical approach to economics entail: (1) positive questions since this cannot resolve normative matters. (2) normative questions since this cannot resolve positive matters. (3) positive and normative questions since this can resolve all matters.

  • Q : Production-possibility curve of a

    By using a curve analogous to the production-possibility curve, choices among government policy objectives could be exhibited by: (1) Moving all along the curve. (2) Shifting the curve down. (3) Shifting the curve up. (4) Comparing a point beneath the curve with one a

  • Q : Opportunity costs in alternate activity

    Why is this probably precise to believe that you can believe of nothing better to do along with your time immediately than to study economics?

  • Q : Classified resources within the broad

    Can anybody recommend me the proper explanation for specified problem regarding how classified resources within the broad categories: (i) Economic goods, free goods, and bads. (ii) Productive and nonproductive goods. (iii) Land, labor, capital, and en

  • Q : Uses of positive economic analysis Hey

    Hey friends I need your help for given problem:

    Positive economic analysis would be least helpful like a guide to how a society can decrease: (w) specific criminal behavior from punishment. (x) inequality within th

  • Q : Specialization and Gains from Trade

    While people develop expertise by dividing up the assignments encountered within major productive activities as like making a movie or manufacturing a plane, one of the most likely consequences is:  (i) Political instability originates by unavoidable frictions in

  • Q : Punishment to criminals devoid of

    The early philosopher who argued about criminals must be punished proportionally to the harm completed to society, but without consideration of remorse, intent or motive was: (1) John Stuart Mill. (2) Edwin Chadwick. (3) Jeremy Bentham. (4) Adam Smith. (5) Aristotle.<

  • Q : Study of economics is largely explain

    Hello guys please explain to how study of economics is broadly focused: (w) firms operate, (x) consumers make a decision what to buy, (y) Scarce resources are allocated to satisfy human requirements and (z) Resource ownership finds out the distribution of wealth and i

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