Illustration of complementary goods

Prices cross elasticity of demand of two between cable TV and VCRs entails that such goods are: (1) complementary goods. (2) substitute goods. (3) negatively associated goods. (4) a luxury and a need, respectively. (5) both inferior goods.

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  • Q : Effect of total revenue on economic loss

    The economic loss occurs whenever total revenue: (i) Is equivalent to the total costs. (ii) Fails to cover the opportunity costs. (iii) Surpasses opportunity costs. (iv) Surpasses the explicit costs.

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    I have a problem in economics on Problem concerning Exploitation. Please help me in the given question. Whenever resource suppliers are salaried less than the values of their marginal products [or VMPs], then they are stated to be: (p) Monopsonistic. (q) Monopolistic.

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    When the demand for cheesy fried grits of Pixie is relatively price elastic, then its price elasticity is: (i) zero. (ii) greater than zero but less than one. (iii) one (unitary.) (iv) greater than one but less than infinity. (v) infi

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    When the price of thermal underwear is increased from $12 to $18 per pair, because of the quantity of cross country snow skis to decline by 1,200 to 800 pairs annual, such goods are ____ and the price cross elasticity of demand equiva

  • Q : Define autonomous investment Autonomous

    Autonomous investment: Investment that is made up without depending on the gain of the enterprise.

  • Q : Ratio of perfect equality and Lorenz

    The ratio of the area between the perfect equality reference line and the Lorenz curve is the: (w) Gini index. (x) relative income (y) poverty line (z) marginal productivity standard.

    Q : When Shortages occur Shortages take

    Shortages take place whenever the market price: (1) Most greatly surpasses the average person’s demand price. (2) Is above the usual seller’s supply price. (3) Equivalents production costs plus the maximum possible gain. (4) Lies beneath t

  • Q : Demanding more labor in competitive fim

    A competitive firm will demand more labor when: (1) technological advances favor automation. (2) the price of the firm's output rises. (3) more firms enter the industry. (4) the value of the marginal product is below the wage rate. (5) workers utilize

  • Q : Efficiency of monopolistic competition

    Defenders of the efficiency of monopolistic competition are mainly persuasive when they insist which: (w) consumers benefit greatly from product differentiation. (x) any inefficiency is far less harmful than that of pure monopoly. (y) pure competition

  • Q : Analysis deregulation caused the

    Choose the right answer of the following problem. "The government deregulated the electricity industry in California and a shortage of electricity occurred soon . It is clear that the deregulation caused the shortage." This statement requires careful analysis becau

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