Higher prices of good-Substitution

The demand for Toyota Corollas will rise in response to: (i) Higher prices for Honda Civics. (ii) The decrease in price of steel. (iii) Honda offering enormous discounts to probable buyers. (iv) Technological progress for designing a car. (v) Higher safety ratings for the Hummers.

Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the above options.

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  • Q : Market hypotheses Efficient market

    Efficient market hypotheses:

    a) Weak-form efficient market hypothesis: It assumes that current stock prices reflect all security market information including the historical sequence of prices, rates of return, trad

  • Q : Decreases in market demand of

    Decreased market demand for generic bricks would result in a(n) ___________ in the price of bricks and a(n) ___________ in this brickyard’s profit-maximizing output. (w) increase; decrease. (x) increase; increase. (y) decrease;

  • Q : Percentage changes in quantity supplied

    The price elasticity of supply can be very approximately computed as the percentage change within: (w) responsiveness of price to variations within the quantity supplied. (x) quantity divided through the intercept coefficient of the supply curve. (y)

  • Q : Occurrence of disagreements between

    Disagreements between economists occur most commonly within the area of: (1) microeconomic theory. (2) normative aspects of economic policy. (3) positive statements. (4) "common sense." (5) mathematical economics.

    I need your point

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    A company consists $27 per unit in variable costs and $1,000,000 annually in fixed costs. Demand is predicted to be 100,000 units annually. Determine the price if a markup of 40% on total cost is used to determine the price?

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    Assume that all such curves in below demonstrated graph are infinitely long straight lines. The supply curve which is perfectly price-elastic is: (1) supply curve S1. (2) supply curve S2. (3) supply curve S3. (4) suppl

  • Q : Break-even levels of output for a firm

    Break-even levels of output for a firm happen where is: (w) total revenue equals total economic cost. (x) accounting profits are zero. (y) total variable cost equals total fixed costs. (z) competitive firms will shut down within the short run.

  • Q : Government rent control imposing When

    When government rent controls are imposed at R0 when demand equals D0 and then demand changes to D1, there is the: (w) quality of housing is likely to enhance. (x) housing market will be plagued through shortages. (y) price ceili

  • Q : Greatest strategy for maximizing profit

    Monsieur Cournot contains a monopoly on an artesian well from that flows tasty spring water reputed to have medicinal properties. To ignore incurring any variable costs, he is adamants that customers bring their own pails also fill th

  • Q : Equal Income in Lorenz Curve When all

    When all households have equal incomes, in that case the Lorenz curve would be: (w) zero. (x) a 45 degree line. (y) 1. (z) rectangularly hyperbolic.

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